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We oftentimes ignore the recommended mileage intervals for when to get the car’s oil changed. Whether you’re the type of owner to get an oil change as soon as you hit the recommended mileage or you wait and delay for a few 1,000 miles after, there’s no denying the benefits regular oil changes have on the life and quality for the engine of your car.

Changing the oil in your engine will help keep the car engine clean. As our engines run, wear and debris particles will fall off of the engine and into the oil. The more that builds up, the harder it is for your engine to run because dirty oil will cause your engine to strain and grind a bit more. When you change your engine oil regularly, you reduce this debris because clean oil keeps your engine running smoother and reducing the speed that your engine will deteriorate.

Scheduled oil change benefits

Smoother running & longer life

One of the leading causes of engine failure and wear and tear is friction as the polluted, old oil begins grating against the engine and gradually deteriorating it more and more. When you change the oil as scheduled it will keep any friction at a minimum and will not only keep your engine running better but also result in an overall longer life for your vehicle.

Cleaner emission

The benefits of changing your oil properly aren’t limited just to the inside of your engine; it also helps out the environment. When an engine is filled with new and clean oil it will run smoother and therefore put out cleaner emissions compared to an engine running on old and dirty oil that will emit more harmful smog and pollute the atmosphere at a greater rate. It may not sound like one car could do that much damage but if you consider the amount of cars on the road and the impact that just a fraction of them emitting dirtier smog from old oil can have, it makes reducing that pollution as much as possible that much more important.

Better gas mileage

With gas prices fluctuating greatly, it’s important to note the impact that a clean oil running engine can have when you’re paying at the pump as well. When you get your oil changed you are getting rid of the old oil filled with the debris and corrosion from your engine. Getting rid of all of that will cut down the friction grinding on your engine and with the reduce in friction, your engine will then run smoother and easier which ultimately will result in better gas mileage.

Always say no to old oil

Think of it like water for your engine, you wouldn’t drink old and polluted water out of fear of what harms it would have on you internally. Similarly, like old dirty water may harm you and potentially affect your overall day-to-day performance, old oil will have that kind of impact on your engine and it will overall drastically decrease the amount of time and the quality of that time you get out of your engine.

Never put off an oil change

Engine issues are some of the most dreaded when it comes to vehicle maintenance and with the amount of long-lasting negative affects not changing your oil can lead to. It’s clear that the best possible course of action to keep your car on the road and driving well for the maximum amount of time possible, are regular oil changes. Nobody wants the check engine light to come on as that usually means it’s going to be a long and expensive process to turn it off. One of the most preventative actions you can take to keep your engine healthy and that drive killing light off is an oil change. It may sound like an inconvenient way to spend an afternoon but when you look at the cost of a new engine compared to the cost of maybe an hour or two of your time along with the money you’ll be saving with your car getting better gas mileage with clean oil it’s clear that there’s no longer any reason to put off getting an oil change.

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