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Brooklyn’s Preferred BMW Repair Shop for Brake Fluid Flush

The brakes of your vehicle are a significant safety feature, after perhaps the steering system. If the brakes aren’t functioning correctly, your BMW can’t be stopped in time, and that would lead to an inevitable accident. A well-maintained set of brakes will ensure that your BMW stops in time, making the vehicle drive safe for you and everyone else on the road. People who maintain proper BMW service in Brooklyn to the track should care even more about their brakes since they are put through more wear and tear.

If you can’t remember the last time you changed the old brake fluid, then it’s probably time to call us. We often tell clients that they shouldn’t wait for the brakes to start giving them trouble to have them flushed. Generally speaking, it would be best to get them flushed, and the fluid changed every 2 years on average.

More information about brake flushing intervals will be mentioned in the vehicle’s user manual.


Why Choose Our
Fluid Flush Services?

  • As an independent repair shop, you don’t need to pay a dealership markup.
  • We have an excellent 4.8-star reputation on Google and 5-stars on Yelp.
  • We only use original or OEM BMW factory parts and fluids.
  • We will assess other parts of your vehicle beyond just flushing the brake fluid.
  • We also provide a free car wash post service.

Our BMW Brake
Fluid Flush Service in Brooklyn

Pirelli, one of the leading tire manufacturers, is famous for stating: “Power is nothing without control.” And while we believe that tires are an essential part of making sure that your vehicle maintains contact with the road, the brakes are just as important when it comes to controlling the vehicle. Many BMWs are famous for reaching 60mph in less than 10 seconds, which stands to reason that the brakes need to be just as good at stopping the vehicle as fast. Brakes that don’t work can be dangerous and terrifying.

How often you change the brake fluid of your BMW depends a great deal on how hard you brake. For instance, if you have a 3 Series BMW that’s taken once a week to the track; we can almost guarantee that the brakes are being pushed hard, resulting in more wear and tear than normal city driving. So, the more you push the brakes, the harder you do it, the more frequently we’d advise that you change the brake fluid.

You shouldn’t wait till you start hearing strange grinding or squeaky noises caused by metal on metal contact from the brake to decide it’s time to flush the system. In fact, at this point, your brakes may require major repairs, like maybe getting the rotors resurfaced if not changed. As the owner of a BMW, you already have a pretty good idea that brake system work isn’t cheap. That’s why changing the brake fluid by thoroughly flushing the old fluid is so important.

Water molecules tend to get into the brake fluid reservoir, and that leads to a deterioration of the chemicals. The brake fluid also tends to absorb water from the atmosphere, lowering its boiling point, and that can often be the root cause of microscopic rust particles, particulate contamination, corrosion, and rubber which speeds up the wear. That’s why flushing your brakes is so important.

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