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Precision Brake Fluid Flush for European Autos in Brooklyn

Car Brake Fluid Filling

You may notice either your vehicle’s manufacturer or your mechanic recommending a brake fluid flush about every two years. A complete changing of the brake fluid, drivers often wonder how vital this process is and whether it actually has an impact on your car or if it is simply another add-on that mechanics try to sell you to continue inflating the price of your visit. Let’s take a look and see just what exactly a brake fluid flush can do for your car.

Know What Brake Fluid Is – Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is either mineral or synthetically based, which makes the braking for your vehicle a smoother, less jarring process. Typically, brake fluids are classified by a number, which represents the boiling point of the fluid. A hydraulic brake system is not sealed, instead, the reservoir has a hole in the vent that will allow moisture to enter as the brake fluid heats up while you are driving, this moisture can have a huge impact on the braking capabilities and the performance of your brakes over time.

Impact Of Excess Moisture – When moisture comes in contact with the brake fluid, it lowers its’ boiling point considerably. A lower boiling point will reduce the braking power of your vehicle and can make pushing the brake pedal feel spongy, with more resistance than usual. Moisture and water can eventually lead to corrosion throughout the car in places like the brake lines, master cylinder and also the ABS blocks and calipers and an issue with even just one of those can lead to an expensive and extensive repair process. In addition to moisture and water having an impact, brake fluid can also be affected by wearing of the seals in the cylinder and calipers as excess debris and pieces of the seals begin to seep into the fluid. If you notice a brownish tint to the color of your old brake fluid, this is a large reason why.

Checking For Moisture in Brake Fluid – When visiting an experienced and trained mechanic, testing your brake fluid’s moisture level is simple. A brake fluid tester is an easy, accurate way to see what the moisture content of your brake fluid is, while this is an easy method, you can also test the brake fluid at home with test strips designed to indicate the moisture levels. This helps you know if you need to replace the brake fluid a little quicker than setting an appointment and going to have it tested by a mechanic.

How Your Brake Fluid is Flushed – When you decide your brake fluid should be flushed, a proper flushing machine will be required to ensure the job gets done the right way. This machine will help rid the brake reservoir of old fluid, from there another machine with clean brake fluid will be attached to the reservoir, with the mechanic/technician running the removal system until the fluid coming out of the system is completely clear.

Is It Worth It? – Typically, a brake fluid change will cost you between $73-$104 for most makes and models of vehicles with labor making up the difference in cost. Considering the effects that contaminated brake fluid can have on your braking system, potentially putting your safety at risk, it is a good idea to have your brake fluid flushed about every 2 years or so, while also checking the seals whenever you have your vehicle inspected. Preventing your seals from wearing too excessively will help not only your brake fluid last longer, but will help maintain your overall braking system’s health.

If you need to test your brake fluid’s moisture levels or are looking to schedule an appointment to have your brake fluid flushed in the Brooklyn, New York area, call the experts at Bay Diagnostic. No matter the brand of vehicle you drive, our experienced technicians understand the needs of each make and model, ensuring that your brake system is properly maintained to manufacturer standards. More affordable than the competition, the experts at Bay Diagnostic have earned a reputation as Brooklyn’s premiere vehicle maintenance and service center, meaning no longer do drivers need to sacrifice quality in the name of saving a few dollars.

We proudly provide Brake Fluid Flush service to all Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Smart Car and Volkswagen vehicles.

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