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Elevate Your BMW 6-Series with Expert Repairs in Brooklyn

Some of the most popular BMW models came under the 6 Series mantle, ranging from coupes to SUVs and sedans. Drivers of all preferences and needs were able to find a car that offered superior performance and comfort. As with any BMW, wether old or new, the maintenance and repair needs are paramount to having the reliable, long-lasting vehicle that the 6 Series is known for. Items that are considered to be routine maintenance, like an oil change for your 645i or tire rotation for a 650, the experts at Bay Diagnostic are here to provide your car with exceptional repair work that is sure to keep your Series 6 running right for years to come.

Bay Diagnostic utilizes the same diagnostic tools and equipment as the dealerships and we are capable of repairing issues or performing dealership quality service for each 6 Series model, from the 630 and 645ci to the 650i, M6 and even the 635d. Our tools and training often exceeds that of the local dealers, meaning that your BMW gets a high level care from our initial vehicle inspection to the final repairs and test drive.

The 6 Series is no stranger to gremlins and common problems with the electrical system and on board computers. There are many common issues with German cars, and our staff is well experienced with each BMW model and the little issues that have emerged with the 6 Series over their lifespan. From on board computer problems that interfere with the entertainment system and telephone capabilities to other electrical issues like failing sensors throughout the vehicle or convertible roofs not working, the BMW specialists at Bay Diagnostic have you covered.

Many BMW owners mistakenly think that the only way to get high quality service and the proper maintenance that their 645i demands, they have to go to the dealership. Bay Diagnostic in Brooklyn, NY takes the headache out of servicing your car and you will never have to deal with excessive wait times, impersonal service and inflated prices from the dealership service center. We make sure you get all of the benefits of the dealership without the added hassle.

We even have a complimentary concierge service that will pick up your car for service and take it back to you when it is ready. We make sure that maintaining your vehicle with the proper service is as simple as possible.

To schedule repair work or maintenance for your BMW, call Bay Diagnostic today at and get your BMW the service and care it needs to keep running properly.

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