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Air Spring Replacement

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Auto Air Springs

In many luxury cars you may notice a smoother ride than other models tend to have and a large part of that is because of the assistance of air springs in the vehicle’s suspension. This system makes it so that there is more even weight distribution to all four tires so that your ride is smoother with less wear on the tires and vehicle itself, especially when hauling or towing heavy items with your car.

In luxury cars like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover, maintenance is even more important and can greatly affect the handling and performance of your car and when it comes to these and other models of European cars, they are designed precisely so that when there is something even just slightly off, you will know.

For drivers in Brooklyn, NY who may be experiencing issues with their vehicle or that think that it may be time for air spring replacement, Bay Diagnostic will make sure your European car gets the work it needs done right.

Certified and backed by years of experience working on luxury cars, our staff of specialists understand your car’s specific needs and though each car may utilize air springs, they all have various settings and specifications with some manufacturers suggesting they be replaced every 50,000-70,000 miles while others say every 10 years, meaning scheduling routine service for your car for inspections and alignments will help you identify when you need air spring replacement before any serious damages can occur.

Bay Diagnostic prides ourselves on offering fair, affordable service and repair work for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover drivers along with other luxury vehicles, with dealership quality tools and equipment to ensure that the work your car receives is of the highest possible quality.

If you are in Brooklyn and would like to schedule an appointment for air spring replacement or if you have any further questions regarding your luxury car’s suspension or other issues, please call Bay Diagnostic today to speak with one of our specialists and make sure that your car gets the proper service and maintenance that it needs.

We proudly provide Air Spring Replacement service to all Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Smart Car and Volkswagen vehicles.

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