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Alternator Replacement

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Auto Alternator

The vehicle’s alternator is designed to charge the battery as well as the electrical system when the engine is running. If you have been experiencing alternator issues, most likely, you’re also experiencing associated electrical problems.

Signs Of A Bad Alternator

Diagnosing problems with the alternator can be challenging to say the least, especially if you don’t have the right tools on hand. The issue may appear to be the battery at first, but it could be that the alternator isn’t charging the battery. Following are the signs of a bad alternator:

Dim Headlights

Usually, when the alternator is starting to go, you will notice that the headlights and the lights on the dashboard become dimmer.

The Warning Lights Turn On

Usually, the warning light will say something like GEN or ALT. It will appear when you have multiple items powered by the electrical systems turned on.

A Dead Or Weak Battery

If the vehicle’s battery is weak or dead, then the alternator isn’t going to bring it back to life. Though if you’ve charged the battery after it has died, and your vehicle still will not start, then you likely have an alternator problem.

A Strange Smell

A system of belts drives your alternator. One of these belts might give off the smell of burning rubber, which indicates a slip on the alternator pulley. If you’ve replaced the belt and the smell still exists, the alternator will have to be inspected.

Slow Accessories

Often you’ll experience issues like a slow window that stops. If you experience these issues, don’t use these systems until you fix the alternator.
We have a team of ASE-certified technicians that will diagnose the issue and replace or repair the alternator.
If you think your alternator needs to checked or replaced, feel free to call us to schedule an appointment.

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