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We Are Experts In Diagnosing & Repairing BMW Oil Filter Housing Gasket Leaks

If you’ve just taken your BMW into the mechanic and been told that the oil filter housing gasket has a leak, chances are you’re still trying to figure out what that really means. Once you have an understanding of what exactly is wrong the typical maintenance questions usually come to mind such as:

  • How expensive will this service be?
  • Should this be checked with my BMW’s routine maintenance appointments?
  • Is this a preventable issue or just a matter of time with my BMW?

The answers to all of these questions are actually a lot more straightforward than they may seem.

What Is An
Oil Filter Housing

The part itself is really just the part that the oil filter is in inside your engine compartment. The housing lets the engine oil flow through and around the filter keeping performance at a high level. A leak will usually come from two places over an extended period of time, including the oil filter cap gasket. This should be changed when you get an oil/filter change and because it’s the gasket that keeps the oil filter housing with the engine block it is a more costly leak to repair if it occurs.

How Much Do
These Repairs Cost?

Unfortunately depending on the engine design on your BMW the cost of repairs can very greatly. If the technician only needs to change the 2 gaskets (oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler seal) then the total should be around $150 including parts and labor. However, other oil filter housing gasket leaks require hours of labor and various parts including gaskets, hoses, valves and seals. This can run anywhere from $500-$1600 with the typical average being between $1100-$1200 depending on your BMW engine design.

Common Symptoms
To Look For

Typically you’ll notice one or both of these symptoms that indicate that your housing gasket has a leak with either:

  • Spots of oil near the front of your engine
  • Oil leaking around the intake manifold or on it directly

Regular Maintenance

If you follow your BMW’s maintenance schedule then it’s likely that your mechanic will know what to look for and can catch leaks early on. This will help minimize the problem and save you time and money on repairs. For BMW drivers in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas the expert technicians at Bay Diagnostic have you covered. For years we have provided superior BMW maintenance and our specialists know what signs to look for and how to prevent this problem from happening or getting any worse.

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