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Brooklyn’s Porsche Performance Tune Up Experts

Bay Diagnostic is the NYC area’s leading Porsche performance tuner. Using a dealer lever Autologic tuning system, we are able to remap the software of your Porsche to achieve safe and reliable horsepower and torque gains. Autologic Diagnostics is able to safely pull over 60 horsepower from your engine – and that is measured at the wheels on a dyno – for a true performance modification you can feel. To put that into simple terms, it can turn your normal 996 into a GT2 with just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time. What this means is that your Porsche will gain a better throttle response, more useable power and better MPG when you don’t have your foot to the floor. Don’t get bogged down with motor envy, we can boost your Porsche’s performance level and your driving enjoyment that could cost upwards of $50,000 if you were to buy a more expensive model – when you could spend next to nothing for us to unlock the hidden power potential of your current Porsche engine.

Don’t forget about our complimentary concierge service, we will pick up your car for free and complete service, modifications and tuning – all while you wait in the comfort of your home. Gone are the days or driving to a performance shop and waiting around, let us handle the traffic so you can enjoy the experience that Bay Diagnostic brings to the table.

If you prefer to drive yourself, Bay Diagnostics provides performance tuning services to Brooklyn, Manhattan and all of NYC right from our Brooklyn, NY location. Give us a call today to schedule your Porsche performance tuning appointment, you wont be disappointed in our proven performance software. Also, feel free to stop by our performance shop any time at: 1717 Gravesend Neck Road Brooklyn, NY, 11229.

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