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Elevate Your BMW Experience with Brooklyn’s Trusted X-Drive Service

XDrive is a powerful, popular all-wheel drive system found exclusively in BMW vehicles. It gives drivers more control over the vehicle in inclimate weather conditions such as heavy snow, helping to keep drivers much safer. In instances where XDrive experiences any issues or malfunctions, it is important that you know what the warnings may mean and that you have a reliable BMW mechanic available to help make the necessary repairs. The following are just some indicators of XDrive malfunctions to help you gain a better understanding of what your BMW XDrive does and how it should perform.

  • What Exactly Is XDrive– XDrive is a full-time, all-wheel drive system in BMWs with a transfer case acting as the key component. This transfer case directs power from the transmission to both the rear and front, giving you complete control and making your car easier to handle in less than ideal driving conditions. For instance, having a BMW with XDrive can make driving on icy or snowy roads much easier for you and easier on your car, avoiding the strains that can cause serious damage to multiple areas and systems.
  • What Makes XDrive Different– Under normal conditions, the XDrive will remain slightly more rear-wheel drive, with 40% of the drive going to the front axle and then 60% going to the rear, however, in about one tenth of a second, it can alter this and apply just about 100% of the engine torque to the front or rear axle exclusively. This is done when the system detects instances such as snowy or wet roads or any other less than ideal driving conditions that Brooklyn, NY drivers know all too well in the winter. When normal driving conditions have been reestablished the XDrive will return the system back to a 40:60 split. Other models with higher specifications can combine the XDrive with the Dynamic Stability Control, giving drivers control over braking individual wheels and also cutting out power across the axle.
  • About Transfer Case Maintenance– It is recommended that every 50,000 miles you have your transfer case oil changed. By draining the old oil and replenishing it with BMW approved and manufacturer used oil, you are ensuring the health of your transfer case and the reliability of your XDrive. After the oil is changed, the transfer case will require adaptations, which involve resetting the oil wear valves.
  • Why This Is Important-When a transfer case fails and the XDrive experiences a malfunction, you may notice indicator lights like 4×4 warning, ABS and traction control all turning on either individually or all at once. It is also common to experience vibrations from the drivetrain or vibrations and grumbling when you accelerate. Even just one of these is reason enough to have your BMW inspected by certified professionals and often times there will be a store fault code to further detect and explain what the issue at hand is. In an instance where a complete transfer case replacement is required, it will come with a new actuator motor, which should immediately restore your BMW XDrive to optimal working conditions upon completion of the job.
  • Quality Maintenance Makes A Difference– Knowing now the high level of performance that a BMW with XDrive is capable of, it is crucial that your BMW be brought to experts for any service or repairs to your XDrive. For years, the BMW specialists at Bay Diagnostic have worked on and repaired a wide variety of issues and problems that BMWs can have, including making repairs to the XDrive system. Rather than settle for inexperienced mechanics, let the experts at Bay Diagnostic bring you work that is certified, up to BMW standards and more affordable than the competition. With so many different components that need to be checked with service inspections, the comprehensive inspection done by the technicians at Bay Diagnostic is a great way to be sure that the transfer case and entire transmission of your BMW is properly maintained.

If you are in the Brooklyn, New York area and your BMW is experiencing XDrive System errors or malfunctions or you are noticing any signs or symptoms of failure, call Bay Diagnostic today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and certified mechanics.

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