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Brooklyn’s Premier Destination for Expert Porsche Brake Fluid Services

Aside from the steering and suspension, your brakes are an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system. If your brakes aren’t functioning optimally, stopping your Porsche will be challenging, and that can lead to rear-ending another motorist. Furthermore, you can run into trouble if the vehicle is taken to amateur track day.

We often tell clients that if they can’t remember when was the last time they had the brake fluid flushed and replaced with new OEM brake fluid, it’s probably time to do it now. You shouldn’t wait till your brakes become a safety hazard.

If you think your brakes require flushing, feel free to make an appointment with Bay Diagnostic.


Why Choose Our Porsche
Fluid Flush Services in Brooklyn?

  • We are an independent Porsche repair shop in Brooklyn, which means no dealership mark up
  • We have an excellent 4.8-star average on Google Reviews and maintain 5-stars on Yelp
  • We provide our clients with a complimentary car wash after the vehicle has been serviced
  • We will also examine other aspects of your vehicle beyond just brake fluid
  • We only use Porsche and OEM factory parts

Our Porsche Brake
Fluid Flush Service

While the tires should perform by gluing your Porsche to the road, the brakes offer control over the vehicle beyond just moving it in either direction. If your Porsche can reach blazing fast speeds in under 5 seconds, your ability to brake should be just as good, if not better. After all, when you hit the brakes, the car should stop, or it will collide with something. If the brakes do not stop the vehicle, then there is certainly something wrong.

Depending on how much you drive, Porsche is one of the few manufacturers that openly recommends that owners get the brakes flushed and the fluid replaced every two years.

Apart from how often and how much you drive, swapping and flushing the brake fluid also depends on how much or how hard you brake. The 911 Carrera Turbo for instance, on a track will often have you slamming the brakes real hard, as compared to regular city or highway driving. That extra hard braking takes its toll on the braking system, which means you might want to change the fluid sooner than later. So, the more you hit the brakes, the better care you should take care of the braking system.

We also advise that Porsche owners not wait until their brakes start making a grinding or squeaking sound. In fact, save yourself the frustration, time, and money which would be spent on major brake repair by getting the fluid flushed and changed regularly by our independent Porsche repair shop.

Keep in mind that Porsche recommends a brake fluid flush every two years. If it’s been two years and more, now is the time to give us a call.

Braking is an essential part of driving, but over time, the water molecules can get into the brake reservoir, leading to the breakdown of the chemicals. The brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, which lowers its boiling point leading to corrosion, microscopic particles of rust to build up, particulate contamination, and deterioration of the rubber which, if not addressed in time, leads to expensive brake repair. That’s why even Porsche recommends that vehicle owners get their brake fluid flushed.

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