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Dashboard Light Guide

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Dashboard Warning Lights

Car Dashboard Warning Lights

We understand that it can be concerning to see a warning light illuminate on your dashboard. You may wonder, what does the light mean and can I continue to drive my vehicle? Some warning lights are more urgent than others, but the best thing you can do when you see a warning light turn on is to bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Bay Diagnostic in Brooklyn, NY. Our shop is staffed with highly skilled mechanics that have seen it all and use state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment to determine the exact cause of any issue.

Your vehicle is equipped with an intelligent computer system that is connected to many different sensors. When it detects an issue with an important component, the sensor is triggered and your computer system is alerted. This will in turn illuminate the associated warning light on your dashboard to let you know that something is wrong.

A key thing to remember when it comes to your vehicle’s dashboard lights is that red warning lights indicate more serious issues that should be inspected as soon as possible. You should not drive your vehicle unless it is to the shop. An orange warning light is still important but not as dire as a red warning light. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will also provide further explanation on the meaning of your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights.

Here are some of the most common dashboard warning lights and what they indicate:

Car Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Many car owners are familiar with the check engine light, which warns you that it has detected a problem with the engine’s operation. This can be caused by a major issue, so having your vehicle inspected quickly can save you time and money.

Car Low Oil Pressure Light

Low Oil Pressure Light

The low oil pressure light means that the engine oil pressure is low, which can be caused by a leak or a low level of oil. If you see this warning light, we recommend turning your vehicle off and not driving it any further. Driving with low oil pressure can severely damage your engine.

Car Battery Warning Light

Battery Warning Light

The battery warning light indicates that your car’s battery isn’t receiving the correct charge to properly run your vehicle. This can be caused by the battery itself, the alternator, or another component within the charging system. We recommend having your vehicle inspected as soon as you can to avoid getting stuck with a dead vehicle on the road.

Car Temperature Warning Light

Temperature Warning Light

The temperature warning light will illuminate if your vehicle’s engine is running at a high temperature. This can lead to engine overheating, which can cause irreversible damage to the engine. An engine overheating can be caused by a cooling system problem or low engine oil, and should be inspected as soon as you can get in the shop.

Car ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Warning Light

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Warning Light

The ABS warning light appears when your vehicle detects that there is an issue with the ABS. The job of the ABS is to prevent your wheels from locking up when you find yourself in an emergency braking situation, such as having to slam on the brakes or braking on a slippery surface. We do recommend that your vehicle is looked at if this light is on because it can affect your safety in emergency situations on the road.

The warning lights explained above are just some of the most common and important lights on your dashboard, however there are many more to become familiar with. We recommend checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual in the event that you notice a light you don’t recognize. While you may be tempted to continue driving your car while a warning light is on, it is in your best interest to get your vehicle into Bay Diagnostic at your earliest convenience to take care of the issue and ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse, and consequently more expensive to repair.

When you need vehicle diagnostics in Brooklyn NY, give us a call here at Bay Diagnostic or stop by our shop today for service!

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