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The price of gas may be down lower than it has been in years but that does not mean you should relax. History shows gas prices can and do change quite dramatically in short periods of time. Besides that, the less gas you use the better that is for conservation. Here are 10 helpful tips that will enable you to save a lot on your monthly gas bill for your car.

1. Don’t Press the Pedal to the Floor

Studies have shown that drivers who ease up on the gas pedal get significantly more gas mileage than those who press the pedal to the floor. Jackrabbit starts are not only hard on your automobile but will also add about 25 – 30% to your gas bill. Accelerate smoothly to help improve your gas mileage.

2. Choose Your Travel Times if Possible

Travelling at the wrong time of day will not only increase your frustration level but will also severely hurt your gas mileage. Don’t take that trip to the grocery store or the bank at rush hour if you can possibly avoid it. The more stop and go driving you do the more gas you will waste. Schedule your trips and errands when the roads are not as busy and traffic is flowing smoothly.

3. Don’t Fill Your Tank when It’s Hot Outside

If you ever spilled gas on a surface on very warm day you will notice it evaporates very quickly. That is similar to what happens when you fill your tank on a hot day. A small percentage of the gas will be lost as evaporated fumes. So, don’t fill up unless necessary in the hottest part of the day.

4. Consolidate Trips

You waste gas when you make several trips when only one is really necessary. Try to do all your errands at once if possible.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure regularly

People simply do not realize the difference in gas mileage between driving on properly and improperly inflated tires. The savings when your tires are properly inflated can be significant over the course of a year’s time.

6. Keep the Windows Rolled up when Possible

Sure, it feels good to go down the road with your windows open but this increases wind resistance of your vehicle and subsequently cut down on your gas mileage.

7. Slow and Steady Wins the Gas Race

Going faster may get you to where you are going sooner but it will also cost you more gas to get there. This fact is especially true at higher speeds. Going 80 Kph for a 200 kilometer distance will save you gas as opposed to going 120 Kph or faster.

8. Don’t use the Air Conditioning So Much

If you don’t believe your air conditioning use makes your vehicle use more gas, try this simple test. Go down the road at a steady pace and then turn on the air conditioner. You will realize that you have to depress the gas pedal further to maintain your speed. So, don’t use the air conditioning unless absolutely necessary.

9. Lessen Your Vehicles Weight

There is a reason why they sometimes add weight to horses in a horse race; it is done to take away their advantage by slowing them down. It is no different with your vehicles engine. Reducing the weight in your vehicle makes its engine work less hard and increases your gas mileage.

10. Use Roof Racks and Ski Racks only on Trips you need them

Often times maybe you or someone you know will permanently leave their roof racks or ski racks on top of their vehicles. This will really add to your gas use. Not only do roof racks and ski racks add unnecessary weight when they are being used but they also significantly add to the wind resistance as you drive.

So there you have it, some time tested and proven methods to cut down on your gas consumption. These things may seem simple in nature and to tell you the truth they really are. If you practice them on a regular basis you will notice a significant amount of improvement in your gas mileage each month.

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