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Why Your Turbo Blows Oil

Oftentimes if the turbo in your vehicle begins blowing oil, people will tell you that the turbo seals must be bad but this is usually an unfounded claim. A lot of the time your turbo can still be in perfect working condition but blowing oil, so with that in mind here...

BMW And Porsche Fluid Leaks

No leak is a good leak when it comes to your vehicle and while there are some that are a higher priority than others, it’s important to take care of any leak promptly to avoid further damage to your vehicle. It’s easy to forget about the little things when driving...

Knowing A Bad Sound When You Hear One

You hear hundreds of different sounds a day from all different angles. You’re constantly bombarded from every direction and with how much time you spend driving each day, it’s impossible to ignore the sounds your vehicle may make as well. While we get accustomed to...

10 Safety Features You Must Have In Your Car

Car owners get advice coming at them in all directions. Magazines, television shows, and advertisements all suggest that their respective automobile should have this feature or that. You can get very confused and this can involve the safety of the vehicle. There’s so...

10 Gas Saving Tips One Shouldn’t Ignore

The price of gas may be down lower than it has been in years but that does not mean you should relax. History shows gas prices can and do change quite dramatically in short periods of time. Besides that, the less gas you use the better that is for conservation. Here...
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