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Car owners get advice coming at them in all directions. Magazines, television shows, and advertisements all suggest that their respective automobile should have this feature or that. You can get very confused and this can involve the safety of the vehicle. There’s so much information and marketing about what a car ought to have, that it is hard to understand what a car should have to keep the driver and passengers safe. Here are 10 safety features that you need to have in that automobile you drive.

1. Seatbelts. This is a standard part of every American car but not everyone uses them. You should be strapped in with both the waist belt and the upper belt as well. A seatbelt pretensioner is going to remove any of the excess seatbelt slack but you still need to adjust the seat belt so to be as secure as possible.

2. Protection from Head Injury. You may think all that would be just the head restraints behind you but that is not true. Protection from head injury includes material under the trim of the interior to prevent head injuries due to side impact or the car rolling over.

3. All Wheel Drive. This helps to increase the traction of your car. Power is distributed evenly to the rear wheels and the front wheels of the car.

4. Car Traction Control. The all-wheel-drive needs traction control to be fully effective. This system will enhance stability and govern the drive. It will adjust power output so you have better control of the car.

5. Antilock Brake System. If you have to make a sudden stop, the antilock brake system will stop your wheels from locking. It permits you to have better control of the steering which will help in preventing an accident. When you’re looking for a car to buy, you may want to ask some questions about the anti-brake system. Certain models have different variations to increase safety.

6. Airbags. These have been known to save lives. The airbags stop a driver and passenger from hitting the steering wheel or the dashboard of the car. These can include side bags to protect against side impacts. One word of caution is that airbags can have a negative effect on children with some being seriously injured by the airbag. Little children should sit in the rear seats of the car.

The new models of car are coming out with greater safety enhancements. As you’re looking to purchase a car that is this year’s model, here are some safety features that will make a difference.

7. Rearview Cameras. These cameras are mounted on the back and give an image to the dashboard so you can see cars coming from behind you. This is something that is no longer limited to just luxury models of cars.

8. Reverse Backup Sensors. This technology is going to warn you if you are about to have a collision. As you draw closer to the object the beeper sets out an alarm. By the way, this is not very expensive at all to have.

9. Side view Assist. The blind spot is the curse of a driver. Side view assist has sensors mounted in the rear bumper. You are alerted to the side mirror light or a beep to warn you about what is happening in the blind spot.

10. Lane Departure Warning System. Once again, technology has advanced to assist safety. These help prevent collisions by alerting the driver to the position his or her car has in the driving lane. This may seem a little bit odd, but in nighttime driving, when seeing the lane markers is difficult, this warning system will stop an accident from happening.

You probably have noticed as you read this article that safety features in the car are improving with technology. Some of the earlier safety features mentioned have been standard for years. The later ones are more recent. It can all be seen as part of the overall intention of car manufacturers to make vehicles as safe as possible for you. Some of these safety features can be added on to your car. Don’t be afraid of the new electronic devices. They really are less expensive than you think and will do quite a bit to enhance safety.

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