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Vehicle A/c Issues

A vehicle’s AC that isn’t blowing cold air can makes driving in summer unbearable. If it gets too hot, and you no longer want to step into a hot car, feel free to call us. We provide a one-stop solution to all your air conditioning repair & service needs. Our team...

Vehicle Charging System

Most people know from experience that nothing can be worse than having a car that does not start, especially in winter and if you’re far away from home. In most instances, the assumption is that the battery has died. Symptoms like dimming lights, flickering, and...

Porsche Cayman Major Maintenance Service

It goes without saying the Porsche Cayman is one of the most complex machines. It is a mid-engine, high-performance vehicle that’s designed with personality and precision. However, keeping up with the maintenance of the vehicle is a challenge but important. If...
Test Your Knowledge In Auto Repair

Test Your Knowledge In Auto Repair

Automotive information shows up from time to time on game shows. Now Bay Diagnostics would like to put you to the test and get you on the “hot seat”. Here are 8 fun automotive repair true or false statements: True or False Using a heavier grade of oil in...
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