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A vehicle’s AC that isn’t blowing cold air can makes driving in summer unbearable. If it gets too hot, and you no longer want to step into a hot car, feel free to call us. We provide a one-stop solution to all your air conditioning repair & service needs. Our team will diagnose and fix just about any issue with the air conditioning system.

Symptoms Your AC Isn’t Working

No cold air blows through the vents – If you turn on the AC and don’t feel cold air blowing through the vents, there is a problem. There can be quite a few problems that could be causing this, like a clogged AC unit and not having enough refrigerant.

Strange Noises From The AC System – If the AC makes strange noises like rattling and banging, you likely have several issues.

Leaks – It can be near impossible to find leaks in the AC system without a thorough examination by a technician. However, a leak means that the AC will barely keep you cool or maybe not cool at all. If a leak isn’t repaired immediately, it can lead to more expensive repairs.

Bad Smell – There should be no foul smell coming from the AC system. The smell could possibly be caused by the build-up of mold within the system. However, it is something you should deal with immediately, or it can lead to several health issues later on.

While these are some of the most common signs of something being wrong with the AC system, only experts can spot other more subtle signs. That’s why if your AC isn’t keeping you cool during the summer, give us a call.

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For over 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been a Brooklyn staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Brooklyn that specializes in scheduled service, preventive maintenance and concierge service. At Bay Diagnostic, you will come to expect what the automotive repair experience should be, fast, easy and reliable. A one stop shop for your vehicle needs.

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