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Regardless of what model BMW you drive, winter driving can take a toll on your car or SUV. To ensure your BMW prevails throughout the winter, you should take preventative measures. Here are some essential tips and maintenance practices for your BMW during the colder months.

1. Test Your Battery & Replace It If Needed

The primary cause of vehicle breakdowns this time of year is a weak battery. Battery failure is more likely due to the cold weather. It’s best to change your battery every three years to be safe. Our shop can test your battery for a sufficient charge to ensure that your BMW stays reliable throughout the season.

2. Replace Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Rain, snow, and sleet are quite common in Brooklyn, NY, this time of year. At Bay Diagnostic, we can fill your vehicle with winter wiper fluid so it does not freeze. You’re going to need a clean windshield and functional wiper blades to see clearly.

3. Check the Headlights

While BMW does not shy away from putting bright LEDs on their vehicles, they can dim or go out over time. Don’t compromise your vision; please test your lights at the start of the season to ensure they are bright enough.

4. Drive Cautiously

Understanding the streets (and their speed limits) you’re driving on is vital to staying safe. Speeding can lead to skidding in icy conditions and put you at risk of dangerous accidents.

5. Checking Routes Ahead of Time

Many apps will inform you of road conditions along a route. It will save you time and let you manage your expectations better when driving.

6. Service Your Brakes

Another typical service for BMWs during the winter is brake replacements. Having efficient and working brake pads is so crucial to your safety. You’re going to need them to work at their full force in wet or snowy conditions.

We invite you to bring your BMW to Bay Diagnostics for an inspection today to prepare for the winter months!

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