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At Bay Diagnostics in Brooklyn a common problem we see with European vehicles is oil leaks. The good thing about being in business for over 37 years is when it comes to oil leaks, we’ve seen them all, know what to look for and how to repair them the first time.

Here are the common warning signs your vehicle has an oil leak

Dark Spots Under Your Vehicle
Dark or wet spots under your vehicle are a sure sign you have a leak. While most commonly an oil leak, it could be other fluids such as brake fluid, water, transmission fluid or power steering fluid. All of which are a concern. Leaks from underneath your vehicle should be inspected immediately as they are usually a sign of a significant leak. When these leaks are caught early, they are generally a minor repair. When left alone, a major repair such as an engine rebuild & transmission replacement is necessary.

Burning Oil Smell
If you have an oil leak on the top of your engine, often times it will produce a strong burning smell due to oil reacting with the hot temperature of your engine. This is a clear sign that your BMW is leaking oil from a seal. Usually these are small leaks but if you don’t address the issue, the leak will gradually increase in size jeopardizing a major repair down the road.

In severe cases you may notice smoke under the hood, this signifies a large leak at which you should bring your vehicle to a shop immediately.

Overheating & Indicator Lights
Your vehicle’s computer system is highly advanced. Warning lights and temperature indicators give you alerts that something is wrong with your vehicle and if not address immediately I can result if a major engine failure. These systems are built in for your protection. If you see your vehicles is overheating or oil warning lights, take the vehicle to a shop to have the issue diagnosed.

Grease and Gunk Build Up
When looking in the engine compartment, if you notice grease or gunk build up around the engine, this is often a sign that you have an oil leak. Over time the oil leaks while driving and sprays continually in one location causing the buildup.

Why Oil Leaks Are Important to Address
Oil is an essential fluid for engines. They properly lubricate moving components inside the engine. When those components are not lubricated, the friction of metal rubbing together will cause a complete engine failure.

Even small oil leaks can cause massive damage. Oil is known to be corrosive to rubber hoses inside the engine compartment. A small oil leak onto a coolant hose can cause a complete failure of the cooling system your vehicle relies on to keep your vehicle running at a cool temperature.

Routine Maintenance
You’ll hear every mechanic tell you to routinely change your vehicles oil. This not only keeps fresh oil in the vehicle but it also gives us an opportunity to identify small oil leaks and address them before they become costly major repairs.

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