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Vehicle maintenance is part of the responsibility of owning a car. Staying on top of routine inspections and procedures throughout each year is imperative to the overall function of your vehicle and its longevity. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, sometimes things can still go wrong. Owning a BMW or other European import vehicle in BrooklynManhattan, or New York, NY, can prove to be challenging in terms of maintenance. Finding the right automotive specialist in such highly populated areas can be stressful, and it is difficult to weed through all of the competing shops in the nearby areas in search of a trustworthy, reliable automotive repair shop. It becomes particularly important to know a trusted mechanic when your vehicle is having an issue, especially if it attempts to notify you with dashboard warning lights. While some issues may not be as severe as others, there are some warning lights that every driver should watch out for—these often require professional intervention.

The light may indicate oil issue

The oil is the lifeblood of your BMW’s engine; it keeps the engine and all of its intricate parts working properly. When the oil becomes littered with debris and can no longer function, or oil levels are too low, a warning light that looks like a small oil container will appear on your dashboard. If you ignore this light, your car cannot get clean oil to the engine to lubricate all its moving pieces, which can cause your vehicle to have a total breakdown. When you see this light, you should not drive—wait until the engine is cool enough to take a look at the oil level; if the oil level is normal, the solution may be more complicated than simply adding oil. Be sure to take your BMW to a trusted automotive shop for inspection.

It could be for your servicing

It is important for you to follow the maintenance schedule designated by the manufacturer, but if you cannot service the vehicle on schedule then your BMW will let you know when it’s time to service your BMW. Another warning light to look out for is the “service vehicle” signal. Depending on the severity of the issue, the light may be one of two colors: yellow, indicating that the service date is approaching; or red indicating that your vehicle has exceeded its service date. This light is meant to remind the driver that routine service appointments are important in order to diagnose issues early on, before significant repair work is necessary or the performance level of the vehicle decreases.

It may warn you of tire pressure

One of the most notoriously overlooked warning lights is the tire pressure monitor. The pressure in your tires can affect the rate of weargas mileage, and potential for flats or blowouts. Your tire pressure monitor light appears on the dash as an exclamation point inside of what looks like a flat tire. It can also be different colors depending on the severity of the issue: yellow, indicating that the tire pressure is low; or red indicating that your tires are losing air quickly or that you have a flat tire. If the yellow light appears, you should pull off the road and check the tire pressure—most gas stations sell pressure gauges and also have air pumps available. If the pressure is low, you can temporarily fill it; you should bring it to a nearby trusted automotive shop for further inspection. Tires can lose air due to any number of causes—it is best to have a professional check it out.

Take your BMW to Bay Diagnostic

BrooklynManhattan, and New York, NY contain many competitive automotive shops, many with acceptable reputations. Bay Diagnostic is an outstanding repair shop that has served these communities for over two decades; they have earned a stellar reputation amongst their clientele for their dedication and commitment to producing the best quality work in the area at the most affordable prices. Specializing in BMWPorscheLand Rover, and other European imports, they follow the highest standards when it comes to automotive repair. If your BMW or other luxury vehicle is showing any warning signs, stop by Bay Diagnostic; they pride themselves on their accurate diagnoses and efficient interventions. It is their mission to make every vehicle safe and efficient; allow them to help you improve your car too.

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For over 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been a Brooklyn staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Brooklyn that specializes in scheduled service, preventive maintenance and concierge service. At Bay Diagnostic, you will come to expect what the automotive repair experience should be, fast, easy and reliable. A one stop shop for your vehicle needs.

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