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While it is nice to catch the sweet aroma of maple syrup in your kitchen, it is not as pleasant if detected in your car. A sweet smell in your BMW can indicate that you have a coolant leak. Coolant is a fluid that circulates in the engine, heater core, hose, and radiator to prevent overheating. It also plays a role in delivering heat to your cabin heating and defroster systems. When coolant escapes the enclosed system, you could be harming your BMW’s engine.

What Happens If My BMW Lacks Coolant

If you have a coolant leak somewhere throughout your car and continue to drive, your BMW will work harder to maintain a stable temperature. Eventually, it can harm your engine parts and cause overheating. When your car engine overheats, you may experience the additional inconveniences of a breakdown and face costly repairs. 

You should never ignore the smell of maple syrup in your car for this reason. Instead, please save yourself time and money by taking prompt action when needed.

What You Should Do

BMW engines are sophisticated, and they require expert attention. The technicians at Bay Diagnostic can tackle any engine trouble that may come your way. Furthermore, we’ll accurately diagnose any warning signs that may have been illuminated due to your BMW’s lack of coolant.

Still, you should familiarize yourself with BMW’s dashboard warning signs, such as the coolant warning light and check engine light. When you bring your car to us after seeing warning signs, like the smell of maple syrup or coolant light, our team will treat your car right away to avoid further problems.

If you are looking for dependable BMW technicians, look on further than Bay Diagnostic. We invite you to our auto repair shop today for all your BMW maintenance and repairs.

Jordan Weine Owner – Bay Diagnostic

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