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Land Rover vehicles represent British engineering at its very best. If you are looking for a vehicle that comes with only the best features for on- and off-road driving, then a Land Rover is just what you are looking for. Using advanced technology and rigorous manufacturing processes, Land Rover develops vehicles that are of the highest quality.

It is inevitable that cars will develop problems as they age, regardless of how well-built they are. This article will discuss how your Land Rover’s PCV valve works, how to diagnose valve problems, and how to repair it.

What is a PCV valve?

Positive crankcase ventilation valves (PCVs) allow unburned fuel, unburned oil, and exhaust from the engine block to escape into the intake manifold rather than being released into the atmosphere. The engine of your Land Rover allows some exhaust gasses, fuel, and oil to bypass the pistons so that they do not get used. Consequently, the intake manifold may become clogged from the build-up of these unused oils, fuel, or exhaust. This buildup of materials resulting in performance-reducing sludge is what the PCV valve prevents.

A PCV valve achieves this by ensuring that there is an adequate vacuum in the crankcase in order to extract the particles that are blown by the engine, as well as the moisture that could potentially remain in the intake manifold. By preventing the buildup of materials that are blown by the pistons, the PCV valve helps to maintain clean oil in the engine as well as prevent pressure buildup in the crankshaft.

Warning Signs of a Faulty PCV Valve

If you experience a failure of your Land Rover’s PCV valve, there are two possible reasons. Firstly, clogged PCV valves can occur if dirt builds up in the valve and causes it to remain closed. There is also the possibility that the valve may become stuck in an open position or that a hose may become disconnected, resulting in a vacuum leak.

A clogged or stuck closed PCV valve will display the following warning signs:

  • Check engine light: One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning PCV valve is the appearance of the check engine light on the dashboard. In older vehicles without an electronic system, this light does not appear.
  • Sludge Formation: The PCV valve is not able to regulate gas intake when it is damaged. Eventually, the gasses accumulated in the engine build-up and solidify into sludge, contaminating the oil and causing engine malfunctions.
  • Emission of dark smoke from the exhaust: Smoke from tailpipes is usually transparent. If the tailpipe smoke has a different color, this indicates that there might be a problem with the PCV valve or the engine.
  • Rough Idling: Your PCV valve is one of several potential issues if you have an idle issue. A rough idle can be recognized by shaking and bouncing sensations in the vehicle while in a park position, driving, or stopped at a traffic light.
  • Engine misfiring: The vehicle can misfire while idling or accelerating. A shaking feeling or hesitation with acceleration may be the only indication you need to watch out for. There’s a good chance the car is misfiring when that happens. Misfiring often causes the check engine light to illuminate as well.

Bay Diagnostics: Your Best Bet Yet

You should have your Land Rover serviced immediately if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above that indicate a PCV valve failure. The best thing you can do for your Land Rover is to take it to Bay Diagnostics. It doesn’t matter what issue your Land Rover may be experiencing; we’re capable of diagnosing and repairing any problem faster than anyone else. We are conveniently located in Brooklyn, New York, and welcome car owners from nearby cities and towns.

Whenever you bring in your Land Rover for service, we will use the most up-to-date diagnostic tools to complete a thorough and complete diagnosis. If we receive a report detailing your Land Rover’s issue, we prefer to allow you to decide on the next step as soon as possible. For moving forward, our team will present you with options within your budget.

We aim to ensure both you and your Land Rover are satisfied with the services we provide. Contact us today or stop by to learn how you can get started!

* Land Rover Car image credit goes to: YuriyVlasenko.

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