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Car trouble can be scary; when you notice that your car is acting up and making noises that you don’t recognize, it is usually your car attempting a cry for help. While BMWs are known for their durability and integral engineering, even the soundest vehicles run into issues. Ongoing maintenance is a great way to prevent issues from occurring; every trip to the automotive shop is an opportunity for your technician to address potential issues that could come up. However, if you notice that your BMW is making odd noises, it is usually a red flag for serious trouble. Most people don’t notice that their car is struggling until obvious symptoms occur. Clickinggrindingsquealing, are all indications that you should drop by an trusted automotive shop immediately; getting an accurate diagnosis sooner rather than later will save you tons of money in potential damages and repair work. Although it’s stress invoking, pay close attention to the noises your BMW makes; it could be trying to convey something to you that needs immediate attention. In the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, NY areas where traveling is a necessary part of daily life, being without your vehicle for any extended period of time can cause a hitch in your routine; get some help from a qualified BMW specialist to address that uncommon noise coming from your car. These are some of the noises you may hear, which indicate more sinister problems:

Uneven noise at turnings

Different noises can point toward an issue with various parts of your BMW, making it easier to eliminate other areas as the culprit. For instance, if you notice that your car only makes an odd noise when you are making a turn, then this could limit the source of the problem to the power steering components. The issue could be as simple as low power steering fluid, or more serious requiring significant repair work. Alternatively, if you notice a noise occurring only while braking or slowing down, then it is likely that there could be an issue with your brakes, such as worn out rotors, brake pads, or even just low brake fluid.

Sound from engine chamber

Other noises could be indications of more serious issues with your BMW. For instance, a knocking sound coming from the engine could be related to the grade of fuel that you choose at the pump. Following your owner’s manual guidelines is critical when it comes to picking a higher or lower octane fuel; using the wrong kind of gasoline can create significant problems with parts like your fuel injector that are expensive to repair or replace. Generally high-performance vehicles require higher-octane fuels, but not always. It is never safe to assume; it could cost you.

Loud roar during acceleration

Some noises could be an indication of problems with several different components. For example, a loud roar during acceleration could be attributed to the exhaust, but it could also be related to transmission issues, including your clutch if it is a stick shift. Both issues are costly to repair, but will be less expensive than waiting until it gets worse.

Few other confusing noises

Noises coming from your vehicle can seem confusing, especially if you aren’t well versed in the realm of automotive knowledge. Accurate diagnosis is key, and while you may explain the problem adequately to your automotive shop technician, it will surely require further examination and inspection in order for the problem to be addressed accurately the first time. There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving the repair shop only to hear the same troubling noise, once again. In fact, improper automotive work can lead to other troubling noises that didn’t exist before.

Bay Diagnostic offers quality BMW services

If you live in BrooklynManhattanNew York, NY or the nearby areas and are experiencing odd noises coming from your BMW, bring it by Bay Diagnostic. For over 37 years we have specialized in European imports, including of course BMWs. We excel in performing up-front, accurate initial diagnoses that will keep your BMW in the shop for a minimal period of time, but won’t sacrifice the quality of repair work performed. Our goal is to save our clients money in repairs and make the entire experience as painless as possible. Look more thoroughly through our website for details about our services, or stop by to meet our friendly staff and take a look at the facility.

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