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“The Ultimate Driving Experience” isn’t just a tagline that BMW casually uses. It represents their commitment to consistently pushing the limits and raising the bar for luxury vehicles.

Cutting edge technology and innovation are integral parts of what makes a BMW stand out from the rest. You know that when you purchase a BMW that there are abilities and potential that far exceeds what other cars on the market are trying to do.

But as with most technology, BMW’s software is constantly advancing and is actually able to do much more than you may expect. Knowing what exactly your vehicle is capable of can lead to much more enjoyment driving and not to mention, customization of your vehicle. Here are just some of the many things that you should know about the software in your BMW and what it can do.

The Basics

This refers to the common amenities on a BMW; things like the back-up camera and the integration of your apps and music into your vehicle. Much like your phone, the software of a BMW is constantly being improved and added to, meaning it’s important to download the latest updates to make sure your vehicle is up to date.

Connected Drive

A technology packet of services and apps available to make your tasks easier and faster. Innovations abound with these, as there are features and apps available to make every aspect of your drive more enjoyable. Even a Smart Home app exists, giving you control over your houses’ security, heating and lights from the display screen of your BMW. Another feature of the Connected Drive are the Driver Assistance abilities including parking assistance via back up camera and even remote parking. That’s right, you can get out of your car and make parking in a tight space as easy as pushing a button on your remote. BMW is also currently working on Active Assist, which will allow your vehicle to assume full or partial control in situations of comfort or for safety.

You Can Code It Yourself

If the thought of all of the standard inclusions and amenities not being enough for you has crossed your mind, then you’re in luck. With the right know how and a few YouTube tutorials, you can actually code your BMW’s software yourself. Capable of doing everything from disabling the annoying seat belt beeping to using your key remote to roll windows up and down along with adjusting the mirrors and opening and closing the sun roof or checking the age of your vehicle in days, the possibilities are seemingly endless. It’s important that you do your research and find all of the tools necessary before you try and code your vehicle yourself.

It Can Be Hacked

Now this isn’t as fun as customization options and pranking your friends by changing display languages, but it’s important to be aware that as with other software, the BMW software is capable of being hacked. A group of German researchers were successfully able to send messages to a BMW’s interior SIM card and from there could lock and unlock the doors while other researchers have shown it’s possible to control more critical functions. There are already teams working on upping the security of this software and adding encryptions to further protect your vehicle but with so much of the BMW driving experience being based on integrating technologies, it’s important to be aware of what exactly you’re putting out there for people to possibly see.

BMW sits in a class of its’ own when it comes to overall driving experience. With second to none features and technology that is customizable to suit your preferences, helpful with driving and parking assistance, integrated apps and services that will make your drive more personal and still, they continue to push the limits and innovate.

Knowing more about the technology in your BMW will help you find a world of possibilities and will make your time behind the wheel and the overall experience of owning a BMW that much more rewarding.

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