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The clutch is a key part of your vehicle’s manual transmission system. The clutch is engaged with the foot, and when the car is in gear, it transfers power from the engine to the transmission. That means several parts of the clutch system are undergoing continuous wear and tear over time. However, it is imperative to replace clutch components right away to prevent a serious issue with your manual transmission vehicle. Fortunately, our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and skill needed to diagnose and repair any issue with the clutch.

Symptoms of a Bad Clutch

One of the most common symptoms is slipping and shuddering, or even difficulty pressing the pedal. Often changing gears can also become very difficult. Issues that do not allow your clutch to engage will even prevent your vehicle from starting. That said, not all symptoms are that severe, but only if they are repaired in time by a certified professional. If anything avoiding any additional, unnecessary wear will save you a boatload of money.

When To Replace The Clutch?

Replacement of the components can vary depending on the vehicle you own and the driving conditions. Unfortunately, vehicle manufacturers do not recommend a specific mileage for when the clutch should be replaced. Some clutches can last for up to 100,000 miles, but others will not. Also, driving in heavy traffic areas lead to the clutch wearing out sooner.

Are you experiencing issues with the clutch? Then give us a call or pay us a visit to schedule your appointment.

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