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A BMW ISTA diagnostic scan (or test) allows us to analyze the control units installed on your vehicle, their variants and other special equipment.

The scan reads the diagnostic and service-related data in the BMW control units. A test plan is generated which becomes part of the service procedure.

The test plan lists suspected vehicle components and functions according to priority. The suspected components and functions are displayed  with documentation and procedures providing a localized fault and how to fix the issue.

A procedure (service program) is designed to find the cause of the failure. Using the procedures and fault plan, your technician can identify and fix the issue. Once this procedure has been addressed, further tests will be conducted to see if further issues persist.

As a BMW repair facility for the last 37 years I Brooklyn, we have the factory tools and training to identify any BMW vehicle issue. If you suspect your BMW has an issue or notice warning lights. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to properly diagnose your vehicle. By choosing a reputable BMW mechanic in Brooklyn, you will ensure your vehicle gets fixed the right way first.

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