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Every vehicle is bound to have problems at some point, even your beloved BMW. As long as you take proper care of your car, you can minimize the risks of problems arising. Your BMW’s issues will be minor and relatively quick, and easy to repair in most cases. However, the transmission can be a more expensive and complex part to fix. That’s why you must take care of any transmission issues in your BMW quickly by getting the top-rated BMW repair shop in Houston, TX: Bay Diagnostics. Below are some of the most popular transmission problems that occur in BMWs.

Low Transmission Fluid

The fluid in your transmission system is what keeps its parts properly lubricated to minimize friction when shifting gears. Because the transmission system is closed, this liquid isn’t something you have to replace as often as engine oil or brake fluid. Typically, you’ll only need to change the transmission fluid if there’s a leak or if the liquid is old, contaminated, and no longer able to work correctly.

Transmission Leaks

If you start noticing red or pink puddles around your BMW, you should be aware and have your transmission fluid levels checked. If the levels of this solution drop, you could be looking at a costly repair. Leaks usually happen when the seals and gaskets in the transmission system start to fail. While some leaks can be external, others can be internal as well. For this reason, you or your mechanic must inspect your transmission system periodically.

Blocked Transmission Filter

The transmission fluid in your system can accumulate dirt and grime as it circulates within your car over time; for this reason, your BMW has a transmission filter to block out the contaminants to ensure a clean fluid flow. However, like your other filter in your BMW, they can get clogged, preventing the transmission fluid from adequately lubricating the transmission.

For reliable transmission service and other auto services in Brooklyn, NY, please bring your BMW to Bay Diagnostics.

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