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Every modern vehicle’s braking systems involve many parts: brake pads, brake rotors, master cylinders, hydraulic hoses, and brake fluid. Most people talk about replacing their brake pads, but another part that often has to be replaced is the brake rotor.

In simplest terms, a brake rotor is a circular metallic disc that is attached to the wheel hub on the wheel. They are almost always seen on the front axle of modern vehicles, sometimes in the rear axle. During regular operation, the brake pads are pressed against the brake rotor by the calipers, using hydraulic pressure created by the master cylinder. Friction between the two parts generates thermal energy. It then gets absorbed and dissipated by the brake rotor. Without the rotor, your brakes would overheat and not function.

What Can Go Wrong With Brake Rotors?

The most common reason for brake rotor repair is wear and tear. The brake rotor material gets worn away with repeated use and constant exposure to the heat. Other brake rotor replacement reasons may include warped rotors from repeated usage. This can happen on your vehicle in instances where you have to brake a lot, such as driving on hills or mountains, towing a boat or trailer, or when your car is hauling heavy cargo.

How Do You Know If You Need Brake Rotor Replacement or Resurfacing?

Brake pad replacements and brake rotor services usually go hand in hand. If your brake rotor measures above the minimum thickness specified by most of your vehicle’s manufacturers, it can be resurfaced and used again. Otherwise, you may need a replacement. However, if you notice unusual signs when pressing on your brake pedal, there’s a chance you may need a brake service. Some telltale signs of brake rotor trouble include vibration in the pedal or squeaky sounds when braking.

If you require a brake service in Brooklyn, NY, please do not hesitate to reach out to our professional team at Bay Diagnostic.

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