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If you are one of those who drive their vehicle daily, the busy city traffic might be taking a greater toll on the vehicle than you may realize. We strongly believe, and it is our experience, that it isn’t simply enough to take the vehicle to a mechanic for an oil change; you need to get it inspected. A look under the hood by a professional once every year will ensure that your vehicle continues to perform optimally. Our oil change and filter inspection services are meant to provide you with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is reliable.

Not only do we change the oil and filter but also lift the hood to identify any potential hazards which aren’t instantly apparent but could turn into an expensive job. In our experience, using fully synthetic engine oil and adhering to factory maintenance standards as recommended by the manufacturers will ensure your vehicle always performs reliably.

You can learn more about our oil, filter, and yearly inspection services below before contacting us to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Bay Diagnostic For Your Oil Change And Filter Service?

Do you know what happens to a vehicle if the oil hasn’t been changed regularly or as recommended by the manufacturer? Well, for starters, the results aren’t pretty. Engine oil is like water for people; unless you have an electric vehicle, the oil is the engine’s lifeblood, even for the highly advanced vehicles. To keep your vehicle running optimally, there is no getting around a routine oil and filter change. However, annual services will help keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Sure, you can change the oil in your on your own. Many people do it in their driveways. One major advantage of Bay Diagnostic oil change service is that we take the additional time to do a proper inspection allowing us to identify minor problems before they become major repairs.

That’s why it makes more sense to drop by our independent service center and let the experts handle the oil change. At Bay Diagnostic, we take care of your vehicle; trust us, we’ve got years of experience, so whether it is an oil change or yearly maintenance, there is nothing to worry about.

Bay Diagnostic oil and filter inspections include:

  • Checking and setting the tire pressure
  • Changing the filter and the oil
  • Measure the front and the rear brake linings
  • Measuring the rear and front tire tread depth
  • Inspecting underbody covers
  • Inspecting belt and coolant hoses
  • Resetting service light
  • Inspecting the engine for leaks
  • Topping off fluids after checking their current levels

We have to say that of all the routine maintenance for your vehicle needs, a regular oil and filter change is the most important.

Contact us to get the oil and filter change on your Porsche today.

Jordan Weine

Owner – Bay Diagnostic

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For over 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been a Brooklyn staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Brooklyn that specializes in scheduled service, preventive maintenance and concierge service. At Bay Diagnostic, you will come to expect what the automotive repair experience should be, fast, easy and reliable. A one stop shop for your vehicle needs.

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