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You may wonder why the headlights of a BMW vehicle is referred to as adaptive headlights? It’s simple; because the lights at the front of the vehicle are adjustable. They can move their light projection to the left or right depending on the direction of your steering. This gives the driver additional clarity while turning or going around curves at night hours.

Adaptive headlights are an important part of your BMW because if they function properly, you are sure of eliminating blind spots or collisions on the road. Some BMW cars have automatic LED headlights, which makes the headlights more advanced. When another car approaches, these lights can adjust their brightness.

A light camera installed within the headlight is responsible for detecting lights from an approaching vehicle. It is easy to see why something could go wrong with the sensors and electrical parts in the headlight casing.

There are many possible causes of adaptive headlight malfunction in BMW vehicles. BMW car models are made up of several distinct parts that work together to make them one of the top automobiles on the market. Because all of these components interact with one another, if any one fails, the others may suffer.

A failure in the adaptive headlight can be a disaster. The major causes of a malfunction in the automated headlight are listed below.

Adaptive Headlight Module

This module is located just beneath the headlight casing. It may be referred to as SMC or Stepper Motor Controller in BMW. This control module can stop working if water enters the system. BMW car owners must be cautious and not allow liquids to come near the module.

You should expect a malfunction if you drop your coffee or drinks on your vehicle and it rolls towards the center console. Also, heavy rain or flood can make the adaptive headlight fail. When water enters the adaptive headlight module, an error warning will flash on your BMW’s dashboard. You must take your vehicle to a skilled mechanic to repair your adaptive headlights as soon as you notice the error display.

Headlight Seal

The access door that surrounds the headlights in your BMW should be properly sealed to prevent damage to the headlight. The purpose of the seals is to keep water out of that part. If BMW owners use the access door to replace or clean a bulb, they should inspect the seal to ensure it is secure. Water and moisture can easily seep into the electronic components and cause problems if the seal is not correctly installed. So if you have ever opened the access door, be sure the seal is still in place after closing that part.

Stepper Motor

The stepper motor in your BMW is a very important aspect of the adaptive headlight operation. It is in charge of rotating the beam projector whenever you turn the steering of your vehicle or while driving on a curved road. This component is located inside the headlight and is powered by the control module just beneath the headlight. The motor for this might burn out over time, and the connection between the projector might also be damaged.

Fixing a Malfunctioned Headlight

All car owners should leave all BMW Adaptive Headlight BMW Adaptive Headlight Malfunctions Fix Repair to a professional technician, except for headlight cleaning or bulb replacement. BMW headlights use complex electronics and incorporate several motors and modules that can easily be short-circuited. Most car owners lack the necessary electrical knowledge to handle the headlights, and trying this on your own may further damage your vehicle.

When your automatic adaptive headlights begin to fail, take your vehicle to a skilled BMW repair as soon as possible. Bay Diagnostic will conduct a thorough examination of your headlight problem.  We have the necessary experience to resolve the problem quickly. Allow our pros to handle them for you.

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Your headlights are essential for seeing clearly at night. When they function correctly on the BMW, they help to illuminate blind areas, thereby reducing accidents when driving. Our expert mechanics at Bay Diagnostic are available to assist you with any headlight issue with your BMW. We are pleased to serve the residents of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, NY. Book an appointment with us now. We hope to see you soon!

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