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Car trouble is one of the most feared and despised issues that the average car owner can face. Even when you experience issues with your car, knowing that it needs to be taken to an auto mechanic, the actual experience is often so scarring that many people would rather go to the dentist. While car problems are generally expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient, it becomes imperative to routinely bring your car to an automotive specialist. If you own a BMWMini, or other German-engineered vehicles, then your take on automotive care might be slightly different. BMW owners are fortunate to drive one of the most highly sought-after vehicles on the market, and that hasn’t changed for decades. When you run into an issue with your BMW, the only way to address the problem is to bring it to a highly qualified mechanic. Some problems occur more regularly than others depending on the brand of vehicle you drive. With BMW, the issues are few and far between, however, one possible issue that could occur is a faulty oxygen sensor. There are some important symptoms of a damaged oxygen sensor that you should know about so you can detect the issue early on, preventing other problems from occurring.

It’s crucial to know how to prevent these issues

Oxygen sensors are responsible for determining how much oxygen in the exhaust is present because the car’s computer then takes the information from the sensor and monitors the perfect combination of oxygen to fuel that your car needs in order to run perfectly. This chain of critical car parts is important to understand, because other pieces such as the fuel injectors and exhaust systems can also become damaged, costing you an incredible fortune in automotive repair bills. With BMWs, it is crucial to know how to prevent these issues, or even detect them before irreparable damage is done to your engine. BMW owners seek out the brand because of its high level of performance and adaptability; when your oxygen sensor fails, the performance goes out the window.

Check engine light pops up

One of the first signs that may pop up is the check engine light. This light is described by many car owners as “the kiss of death;” with BMWs, this is usually not the case. BMWs are highly efficient machines that are built to detect even the smallest issue with the vehicle in order to catch problems early, maintaining the integrity of the overall product for its consumers. The check engine light needs to be examined by a professional who can read the codes that the engine is outputting, and can perform an accurate diagnosis of the real issue going on.

Noticeable decrease in performance

Another symptom of a bad oxygen sensor is a noticeable difference in performance level. Not only will you notice a decreased performance, but you may also encounter engine misfiring or extremely rocky idling. The same chain of car parts that is responsible for the oxygen to fuel ratio is also responsible for the engine’s timing. When the timing of your engine is thrown off, there are noticeable differences in your driving experience. Pay close attention to how your car feels and sounds when you are stopped in your driveway or at red light—if it feels rough or rocky, you should bring it to a professional automotive service center immediately.

Decrease in fuel economy

Lastly, you may notice that your fuel economy noticeably decreases when experiencing issues with the engine. The oxygen sensor is meant to determine how much fuel needs to be used in combination with oxygen in order to properly fire the engine and distribute the correct amount of fuel needed to keep it running. When the oxygen sensor has failed, your gas mileage will significantly decrease. BMWs are known for their excellent performance and comparable gas mileage ratings—if you bought your BMW with the gas mileage in mind, this can be an especially disappointing realization to come to. However, it is possible to decipher a faulty oxygen sensor earlier rather than later, before your gas mileage becomes affected. It is crucial to pay close attention to your car’s performance; with BMWs, it’s easy to determine when the performance is lacking because of their incredibly high standard. Make sure that you take your vehicle in to a trusted automotive specialist who is knowledgeable about the BMW brand.

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