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A vastly important part of your BMW’s operation is the cooling system. This system is needed to pump coolant throughout the engine in order to regulate its temperature. Without it, the engine would run at such high heat that it would quickly overheat and become damaged.

Many BMW owners have complained of the same issue occurring – a failing water pump. It seems to be a part that can become faulty with certain BMW models, so it’s important to understand the signs of a bad water pump if you do drive a BMW so that you can have it taken care of as soon as it happens.

The job of the water pump specifically is to ensure that the coolant is pumped from the radiator to the engine. When the water pump fails, you could be looking at eventual engine failure. The water pump is just as critical to your engine’s performance as engine oil, so be sure to keep these symptoms in mind as a BMW owner.

Signs that can indicate a failing water pump include:

  • An apparent coolant leak near the front of your vehicle
  • Whining noises coming from under the hood, which can indicate a broken water pump pulley
  • Overheating engine
  • Steam coming from the radiator
  • Check engine light has turned on
  • Engine temperature warning light has turned on

All of the signs listed above can mean engine trouble, so get your BMW into the experts here at Bay Diagnostic as soon as you notice any. The quicker that we can get the water pump replaced, the less damage that will be caused to your engine.

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