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Automotive jargon can sometimes escape us, and it is certainly not easy to know all of the parts of a vehicle and what they do. However, if you are fortunate enough to be able to perform your own automotive tasks because you have a heightened knowledge of parts and procedures, then it is important to make sure you perform those procedures accurately, because if you don’t, the price to pay can be high—literally. One particular part that individuals attempt to replace or clean on their own is the EGR valve. An EGR valve, or exhaust gas recirculation, as you may have guessed, is responsible for the recycling of exhaust into the engine. You may notice that the valve has gone bad when you notice a difference in performance in your vehicle. Unfortunately, decrease in performance can be due to any number of other issues with the car. If you do decide to replace or clean an EGR valve by yourself, it is imperative that you either first take the car to be diagnosed by a professional automotive service center, or you are a professional yourself who has extensive automotive knowledge in diagnosis of potential issues.

Firstly use an aggressive carburetor solution

There are steps one should follow when cleaning an EGR valve in order to properly perform the task in addition to avoiding other troublesome repairs due to damage inflicted during the procedure. Sometimes simply cleaning the valve is a better, cheaper alternative to replacing the valve; however, you should make sure that cleaning the valve will fix the problem, and that the actual issue is not being caused by the part being cracked or broken internally. Firstly, you should use an aggressive carburetor solution to help decompose the material buildup. You will need to simultaneously scrape and scrub the debris off of the valve using a brush that can extend into the valve itself. Sometimes you may need to leave the solution on for an extended period of time in order to disintegrate the carbon that has been caked on the valve. Leaving it on for only five to ten minutes should do the trick. Additionally, you may need to perform this same task in several sessions if the buildup is extreme. If you don’t feel like wasting your time cleaning the part, or if the buildup is too severe, you may want to replace the part all together.

It should be done by a professional

Replacing the EGR valve is highly technical work for the average car owner and should usually be done by a trained auto mechanic to avoid any subsequent issues from occurring. However, if you possess the skills to perform the task yourself, replacing it shouldn’t be too difficult. First you should find out where the valve is located in your engine; you may be able to find its location in your car manual. Before you attempt to touch any parts, you should be sure that the car is cool to the touch. Once the vehicle is safe to operate on, you can disconnect the valve from its associated hoses and electrical wiring. You can complete the disconnection process by taking out the bolts holding the valve to its base. The whole piece should come out as one.


As discussed earlier, the EGR valve sometimes just needs a good cleaning, and this extends to the valve tunnels. The same material buildup of carbon occurs in those tunnels that can inhibit the part from properly functioning. For a thorough job, you should not only clean the valve itself, but any other parts that it connects to. You should also thoroughly scrape and clean the base of the valve as well as the valve itself. With both scenarios, you will want to be sure not to damage the parts any further; otherwise it could cost you a lot of money in damages. After you have finished cleaning the entire system, you can now replace the parts. At this point in the process of taking apart the valve system, you can also choose to purchase a new valve and install it. Otherwise, take the newly cleaned valve and bolt it back in, making sure to properly connect the bolts, wiring, and hoses. If you run into any issues, consult with a professional.

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