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No vehicle embodies the fun of driving quite like the Mini Cooper, whether you enjoy the quick acceleration, tight steering and maneuverability or the compact size that allows you to fit into spaces other cars simply can’t, there’s something for just about every type of driver. Nothing can kill the fun of driving a Mini faster than the check engine light, chances are no matter what kind of car you drive, you’ve encountered the check engine light but in a Mini, it seems less like a warning light and more like a time bomb counting down to impending vehicular catastrophe.

Gas cap issue can turn on check engine light

In most modern cars, the check engine light can be caused by not having the gas cap screwed on tight enough or having a worn out gas cap. When this happens, it causes your vehicle to fail the self-diagnostic evaporative emissions test it runs, triggering the check engine light to turn on. To remedy this, all you have to do is turn the gas cap and make sure that it’s tight or replace the gas cap altogether, if it was a loose cap that was causing the light, then the light should turn off. If you still see the light then the potential problem becomes almost impossible to determine on your own but the computer in your vehicle will store a trouble code that can be used to diagnose the cause.

Ask a professional to read your trouble codes

Reading these codes is usually a pretty simple task when you take your vehicle to a professional mechanic that can use top of the line equipment and software to help read and retrieve trouble codes. This equipment will help auto mechanics determine which tests need to be ran to determine the exact cause and proper method to fix your vehicle. This process is usually a relatively quick one depending on the type of equipment that your mechanic or auto service center has at their disposal.

Visit certified Mini technician to solve bugs

The intricacies of the Mini Cooper means that any time you notice a check engine light or any other light on your dashboard that you want to take it to be serviced by a certified Mini technician. With technology that’s exclusively its’ own, cutting corners to try and get your check engine light to turn off could lead to less than quality work being performed and possibly the wrong issue being addressed, which can result in further damages to your Mini and multiple costly trips trying to solve the problems.

Take immediate action if check engine light is flashing

If you notice your Mini check engine light is flashing, please turn your engine off as soon as possible to avoid damaging your engine and entire vehicle. A flashing check engine light requires much more prompt attention and indicates a severe condition that must be looked at immediately to avoid damaging your Mini’s catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter is damaged then there’s a good chance the entire engine will then need to be replaced. If your check engine light begins flashing and you must keep driving, minimize driving at high speeds or under heavy loads to avoid further damages to the engine.

Don’t clear or reset trouble codes

It’s also important that you avoid the temptation of having someone “clear” or reset the codes in your vehicle to turn off the check engine light. When the codes are cleared, this erases diagnostic information that is important to your technician. This information is what they need to determine the problem causing the check engine light to stay on along with any other problems that they may find in the car’s computer. While clearing the vehicle codes is a quick way to turn the check engine light off, it does ignore any issue your car is experiencing and ignoring issues for any period of time can lead to much more extensive damages along with also putting yourself and other drivers at risk.


If your Mini Cooper’s check engine light is on and you’re looking to have it properly diagnosed by a certified Mini techniciancontact Bay Diagnostic at 718-615-0705 or visit us online at to make an appointment to have your Mini’s computer checked to determine the cause of your check engine light along with any other potential issues so that you can begin to review your options for repairing the issue as quickly as possible.

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