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While long road trips are a staple of most summers, one-day trips require just as much preparation for your vehicle to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. A one-day excursion is a great getaway without the extensive planning of a longer road trip but make sure that your vehicle is ready before going on any type of trip. Before you head out on your next one-day trip, take these following steps as a precaution to help ensure that your car is ready and able to handle whatever the road may throw at it along with also making sure that you have everything that you or your car may need.

Some steps to consider

  • Have Your Vehicle Inspected– A full points inspection of your car is part of the routine maintenance schedule designed to keep your vehicle running properly and to help diagnose any issues but prior to leaving on a one-day trip, have a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle to check the fluid levelstire wear and any other potential hazards that could present themselves out on the road. Depending on where you are planning on going, a tuned vehicle can be your best friend.
  • Pack Accordingly– Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or to the mountains for a hike for the day, make sure that you have the right things packed for the trip. A fully charged phone, proper equipment for whatever you’re choosing to do, a stocked first aid kit, any change of clothes that you may need and an emergency kit for your vehicle consisting of jumper cables, patches and other vehicular accessories.
  • Fill Up the Gas Tank– Probably a no-brainer but sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things so before headed out on your one day adventure make sure that the gas tank is full and that you have things like your ID, credit or debit card and also cash with you as well in case you need to get anything while out on the road.
  • Learn the Location– Getting lost is not really a part of anyone’s road trip plans and in situations where bad cell phone service or other interferences can obstruct getting a hold of someone, it can get serious very quickly. Prior to heading out on your trip, take some time to learn the area that you’ll be traveling in case GPS or other maps are unavailable. Knowing landmarks and things to look for will help you keep your bearings in the event you get turned around with no available technology to lean on.
  • Make Your Car Pet Friendly– A lot of one-day road trips are centered on getting away with a furry friend. If you and your dog will be taking the trip together, get your car prepared by making sure that their crate is secured in place and won’t slide or rattle if you need to stop quickly or in the event of an accident. You should also remember to bring bottled water as well for the pets because unknown and unfamiliar water sources can cause upset stomachs in pets and can be untrustworthy.
  • Always Have a Plan B– Sometimes no matter how much preparation you make, there’s no guarantee that you won’t encounter some type of unexpected problem on the road. If your car does something like stall or is damaged, keep the number for a roadside assistance or towing company handy. Even the best laid plans can have hiccups occur that throw them off so be sure to have a backup plan in the case of emergency or in case something is wrong with the destination you have in mind or if it’s an area that may be closed.

Final words

A one-day trip is a great way to get a much-needed getaway without the extensive planning and preparation that goes into longer road trips. You will still need to count on your vehicle though so make sure you take the right steps to ensure that your car is up to date and properly tuned. By learning more about the area you’re visiting and packing the right tools for the specific trip you’re going on, you will be able to minimize the chances for error and can properly enjoy your one-day adventure.

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