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With the cold season fast approaching, it’s important that you protect your car from the harsh environments that come with winters in Brooklyn. Heavy rain, snow and slick roads usually lead to less than safe driving conditions and many accidents but it can also wreak havoc on your vehicle if left unattended to or if you are unprepared. Before the Brooklyn winter takes full effect, make sure that you get your Mercedes the service that it needs so that you can avoid these potential winter effects on it.

Your Battery Can Die Faster

Make sure that your battery is tested before the start of winter. Extreme cold can pull voltage from the battery and will make it much harder for your car to start. If you have a garage make sure to keep your Mercedes inside to avoid this issue but if not, checking the battery before winter will help prevent any unpleasant surprises as you try to go to work one morning.

Car Fluids Can Thicken In Low Temperatures

Make sure that you routinely check all of your car’s fluids such as oilantifreezepower steeringbrake and transmission fluids. In the cold these fluids will thicken and it makes it harder for your car to run properly. Possibly the most important to check is the transmission fluid as it needs to flow quickly and if it is incapable of flowing quickly your vehicle simply won’t function.

Your Tire Pressure Will Be Impacted

It’s been suggested that most tires will typically lose about 1 psi for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Because of this it is important to check tire inflation as the weather gets colder and colder. Tires that are under-inflated are an extreme hazard on the road and do not perform very well. They are also more likely to sustain damage or experience failure in snow or icy conditions.

Spark Plug Becomes More Unreliable During Winter

Your car may have issues starting because of a bad spark plug or clogged filter during the cold months. As it gets colder your car will have a hard start so if there is a bad spark plug or old wiring it will impact your vehicle’s performance and the reliability in it starting. Having your spark plugs checked as part of a comprehensive service appointment before the winter will help prevent any issues with starting.

It Can Cause Leaking

The metal and plastic in your vehicle are subjected to a lot of condensation during the winter as it constantly goes from cold to warm, to cold again. That usually leads to the development of ice in systems like the power steering, brake and engine transmission systems which then leads to leaks. In the high and low pressure systems the ice cannot move through the lines in any of the major systems. This can become an especially dangerous occurrence in the steering and brake systems if it leads to any malfunctions. To combat this problem, you should flush and replace all of your car’s fluids before the winter as well as make sure your vehicle has been properly warmed before driving it anywhere.

Salt Buildups Can Cause Corrosion

Intense cold along with snow and rain may be the worst of your concerns for your vehicle but there is also another one that shouldn’t be overlooked: salt. Most road crews will use salt to melt snow and ice on the roads and this can cause problems to all of your car’s metal. If salt begins to build up on your car and is left unattended to it can corrode the undercarriage, brakes and wheel wells. Wiping away excess salt with a cloth can cause heavy scratching to your paint so instead be sure to frequently wash your car during the winter, including under the vehicle. This removes that salt and ensures your car is free of any corrosion damage.

Winter Proofing Your Mercedes

Mercedes vehicles are known for reliable performance and comfort throughout any conditions and the experts at Bay Diagnostic are here to make sure that stays true all year round. Whether your car is feeling the effects of the winter months or you are trying to stay prepared before the cold comes, our friendly staff will assist you through every step of vehicle maintenance. We also use only the highest quality materials for service so if it’s a fluid check you can rest assured your car is receiving the same exact replacement fluids it would at the dealership. Our mechanics have years of experiencing preserving Mercedes and other luxury vehicles’ performance throughout the harsh Brooklyn winters so we know what it takes to get the job done right. Before the winter swings into full effect make sure to call us today to make sure that your Mercedes doesn’t fall victim to the many problems that an icy winter can cause.

Featured image credit goes to:Alexey Bykov.

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