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You’re driving your BMW and you travel over a speed bump. If you notice that your car bounces excessively afterwards or it seems that you feel every bump in the road, there may be a problem with your vehicle’s shocks and struts. It can also point to a suspension system issue, especially if you have a performance suspension installed.

When it comes to a leaky shock absorber or a broken spring, the repair is typically easy to do and inexpensive. We can diagnose this issue quickly and get your ride smooth again. The best way to analyze the issue is to perform a test drive which will allow our mechanics to better understand the ride control issues that you are experiencing.

While you may describe your drive as bouncy or uncomfortable, the culprit doesn’t have to be the shock absorbers or struts. The real problem may be an out-of-balance wheel, bent rim or too much run out in a tire. Also, it is important to remember that your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems are all interconnected, so problems with one system can affect another.

If your shocks and struts do need to be replaced, know that you have options especially if you are looking for a smoother ride for your BMW. There are upgraded shocks and struts that are available that can help you get the ride that you desire.

If you do suspect an issue with your vehicle suspension or steering system, don’t hesitate to bring your car into the BMW experts here at Bay Diagnostic for assistance.

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