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For 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been the chosen auto repair shop in Brooklyn for European vehicles, needless to say we know a thing or two about car batteries.

Simply put, batteries don’t like cold weather like we get here in Brooklyn. This article will show you how to care for your car battery during cold weather. A fully charged batter won’t feel 100% in cold weather because the weather affects the chemical reaction happening inside the battery. At 32°F, your cars battery can lose up to 35% of it’s strength and at 0°F, your battery can lose up to 60% while your engine needs twice as much power to start during this time.

Here are some tips for battery during the winter

1. Get your battery checked

A good battery will have less issues during the winter. If your battery is old or not fully charged, it can easily lose enough power to cause starting issues during cold weather.
Most auto parts stores will check your battery and if you’re in Brooklyn, stop by Bay Diagnostic and we’ll check your battery for free.

2. Check cable connections

Connections from your battery to cable should be tight and clean. Over times your cables may loosen, take a wrench and tighten any loose battery cable connections to ensure a tight connection. Loose connections do not pull enough power from the battery for your vehicle.
Clean your connections. You may notice a white powdery substance around the batter terminals, this corrosion causes a poor connection when you need as much power as possible during the winter months. You can take a dry rag to wipe the grime and corrosion from the terminal and reconnect.

3. Drive your car

This goes for both Hybrid vehicle batteries and your car battery. When your vehicle is in use, so is your battery. The worst thing for your battery is for it to sit. Drive your car routinely for at least 10 minutes, this causes the chemicals in the battery to move. Think of it as exercise for your vehicle.

4. Keep it warm as possible

If you can, park your car in a garage. The garage keeps your vehicle out of the elements and increase the temperature under the hood. If you’re unable to park in a garage, purchase a batter blanket, these run about $20 online or at your auto parts store. This helps insulate your battery against colder weather.

5. Keep is charged

If you have an older or weaker battery, invest into a trickle charger. Keeping your battery as strong as possible will ensure your battery will start your car in the morning. Trickle chargers slowly charge your battery allowing it to fully charge and provide enough power to start your vehicle during the winter months.

We’ve all been there, wake up in the morning, go to start your vehicle and nothing happens. With these tips, you and avoid battery issues during the winter. Stop by and see how your battery is doing, if need be we can replace it for you so you have a new strong battery going into winter.

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