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As cars get more and more advanced, it is easier to know when something is wrong and when your car needs service. In European-made vehicles especially, the technology has improved to give you almost instant dashboard readings or warning lights that indicate even the slightest thing is off. When the check engine light is on, drivers know that it could be almost anything causing the problem so getting it serviced quickly is key to preventing long-term issues. For Audi drivers looking to have their Audi serviced before the check-engine light is on however, here are some signs to look for that indicate your engine may need maintenance and what may be causing them.

Loss Of Engine Power

If you begin experiencing loss of power when driving or accelerating, it can indicate that there is an issue with one of the strokes in your engine. Your engine is made up of a four-stroke combustion cycle that consists of the intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion stroke and the exhaust stroke. These strokes work to convert gasoline into power for your engine so if one of them begins to have issues or fails you will notice the effects almost immediately.

Gas Mileage Reduction

If it seems like your car is getting worse gas mileage then that is not something to ignore. An issue in the compression stroke often affects fuel efficiency so any drop-off in your car’s gas mileage may indicate an issue. You can try using a fuel cleaner or having a full fuel system service done but if the issue has lasted an extended period of time then you may want to have a tune-up performed. If neither of those methods helps cure the problem then you should seek out your reliable mechanic for a full engine diagnostic reading to determine the actual issue.

Unusual Noises From Your Car

After years behind the wheel you know what your car should sound like and what to expect. Unusual noises like random knocking or hissing along with backfires and pops never mean anything good. If you are hearing any of these when starting your vehicle or while driving then there is a good chance that there is an abnormality in the combustion flow of your engine. Any unusual sound should not be taken lightly and if you begin to hear any of the sounds listed above then seek the help of your mechanic immediately.

Unusual Smells From Your Car

If your engine’s exhaust stroke is starting to fail then you may notice an odor coming from the exhaust. Whether it is burning oil from a leak or coming from another problem, unusual smells should never be ignored. If you notice any smells that are foul in odor then it is important to treat it like a weird sound and seek the help of your mechanic ASAP.

Engine Running Rougher Than Usual

If your engine is having issues with running or idling rougher than usual than it may be time for a tune-up. There are a number of factors that can lead to this issue but the most common causes tend to be a clog in the system or old and worn out spark plugs. In addition it could even be something as minimal as using the wrong octane gas when you fill up or a battery that is running low. With so many potential causes it is important to get an accurate diagnosis from a mechanic to ensure the problem gets resolved quickly and correctly.

Quality Service For Your Audi

For years, the experts at Bay Diagnostic in Brooklyn have been providing Audi owners with superior service and maintenance work. Our specialists understand the ins and outs of each Audi vehicle along with their specific service needs and schedules. If you notice your vehicle handling a little differently or any of the signs listed above, our experts are here to assist you and to ensure your vehicle gets the quality of service that you are counting on. Our Bosch certified mechanics know that you rely on your Audi for superior performance and any issue with the engine needs to be handled properly and quickly. That is why we work harder, faster and smarter than the rest to deliver your car back to you in perfect condition at a much more affordable price than the competition. If you are in Brooklyn or the surrounding area and you are in need of engine maintenance or other services for your Audi then choose the superior service experts at Bay Diagnostic. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your car or to speak to one of our specialists about available services for your Audi.

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