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BMW owners are very passionate about their vehicles, and when it comes to owning a BMW, keeping your vehicle performing at its best is more than likely a priority. At Bay Diagnostic, our goal is help you maintain your BMW and keep track of all recommended services and repairs.

When you stay current with your BMW’s factory recommendations, you not only stay under warranty if you have one, but you also avoid major repairs that can cost thousands.

Here are some of the top maintenance items for BMW to never ignore:

  • Engine maintenance – regular inspections at least twice a year
  • Tires – making sure your tires are always at the right tire pressure and are in good condition is vital
  • Cooling system – having your cooling system inspection and coolant replaced to protect the engine
  • Steering system – Power steering fluid flushes and inspections
  • Oil – motor oil is always important to change on time, which will be outlined by your vehicles owner’s manual
  • Transmission – an inspection of the transmission and fluid every year is recommended

If your BMW is due for maintenance, bring your vehicle into the trusted BMW shop in the area – Bay Diagnostic. We will take excellent care of your vehicle and ensure that your car is always ready for the road!

Jordan Weine
Owner – Bay Diagnostic
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