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BMW is a leading brand when it comes to the luxury, performance vehicle market. Due to their expert engineering, BMWs are widely known to be long-lasting. However, to quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility, which applies to BMW owners. Aside from routine inspections, a specific part of every BMW needs special attention: the fuel injector.

What Is a Fuel Injector?

Each BMW has its unique fuel injector that varies from model to model. For your BMW to run at its max potential, its fuel injector must be in good condition. This is because the injectors play a significant role in your car’s ability to use power. By applying pressure and gas at the right time, the fuel injector injects gasoline directly into the engine. Without the injectors, your vehicle will not be able to attain an accurate fuel to oxygen ratio. A productive fuel injector will ultimately maximize your engine efficiency.

Signs of a Failing Fuel Injector

When a fuel injector begins to fail in a BMW, the first symptom you will notice is car stutter. Or, your car may also produce sounds while you try to turn the key to start your engine. These signs are your BMW’s way of communicating to you that there isn’t enough power being brought to the engine for it to start.

Another evident sign is if you see smoke coming out of your tailpipe. The smoke may look gray or dark. Sometimes, the smoke is accompanied by a foul smell.

The last symptom of a bad fuel injector is a change in your fuel economy. If you notice your BMW is gulping down gas quicker than usual, this may signify a bad fuel injector. BMW cars may not be the most fuel-efficient vehicles, but if you are going through gasoline significantly faster than usual, you should have a mechanic inspect your car.

Other failing symptoms may include a stern drive, engineidling,  and engine knock. A bad fuel injector can release harmful chemicals into the environment and contribute to pollution. Getting this problem established and diagnosed right away can prevent costly engine damage, not to mention it will ease the expense of having to fill your tank up every other day. In fact, a single repair can save you from having to replace your entire engine. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact Bay Diagnostics right away. Give us a call or visit now.

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