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Having trouble with your car making strange sounds, warning lights flashing, smoking, or finding unexplained leaks? These are all warning signs of potentially larger issues going on underneath the hood of your car.

In this article, we discuss common signs that your car needs repair and how a certified automotive technician can help to diagnose and repair your problem.

What Is That Sight, Smell, Sound, or Odor?

When preparing for do-it-yourself auto repair or talking to a certified automotive repair technician, it’s important to explain the specifics of what’s been happening with your car.

Following are examples of important signs, symptoms, and related questions that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your car.

Sounds – What sounds were coming from your car when you noticed a problem? Where are the sounds coming from?

Sights – Do you see anything unusual hanging from underneath your car or when you look under the hood? Most vehicle manufacturers’ guides online can provide you with a parts list and visual breakdown of where the parts belong in your vehicle.

Smells – Have you noticed any unfamiliar smells that come from your car when you’re driving? It’s important to note these instances when they occur.

Alerts – Newer vehicles come equipped with built-in sensors that trigger specific alerts when your vehicle malfunctions. Examples of vehicle alerts are check engine lights, brake lights, and oil lights.

Time Frames – When did you first notice the issue and how long has it been going on? Has the problem worsened over time?

Contact a certified automotive technician for an expert diagnosis.

Once you’ve discovered the underlying source of the problem, you can complete the repairs yourself. If you’re not comfortable completing the repair on your own, enlist the help of a certified automotive technician.

A certified mechanic can perform a diagnostic, provide a repair estimate, and complete the repair for you instead. Providing detailed information about your vehicle can help you get an accurate diagnosis and repair estimate.

Need help from a certified mechanic? We invite you to bring your car to our service center today!

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