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The Ultimate Driving Machine” is more than just a moniker that BMW uses for advertising. For years they have continually added more technology and made more advances in comfort than almost any other manufacturer. However as well known as they are for the quality of their vehicles drivers know that each BMW also comes with its’ own unique service schedule. Designed to make sure that you keep your vehicle in perfect condition, it is important that you do not take regular maintenance for your BMW lightly. While all steps of the BMW service schedule are crucial to the overall health of your car, these 5 maintenance steps should never be ignored.

1. Mileage Specific Appointments/Inspections

The BMW specific service schedule is comprised of yearly/mileage intervals. The first appointment comes every 10,000 miles or 12 months and is full of slight safety and oil services including;

  • Oil and Filter changes
  • Brake inspection
  • Windshield wiper and wiper fluid check
  • Engine coolant levels check
  • Rubber belts and hoses wear check
  • Misc. checks such as looking for fluid leaks and tire pressure

From there the next interval is at the first 30,000 miles and then 60,000 miles after that with more extensive inspections taking place. Everything from inspecting and servicing the tires and wheels, to a full inspection underneath your vehicle will take place at these intervals to ensure that everything is in proper working condition.

While these mileage-based service appointments are vital to the overall health and quality of your BMW, there are other maintenance steps that drivers must stay aware of as well.

2. Have Tires Inspected Regularly

One of the most important aspects of your BMW are its tires. Considering the importance of the handling and maneuverability of your BMW as well as the safety implications bad tires can have, it is easy to see why you should routinely have your tires rotated and inspected. While you can always check with your mechanic on when to rotate your tires, the best time to check air pressure and rotate your tires is at the change of seasons. Another important part of the tire inspection should also include an alignment when needed. If left unattended, a bad alignment can lead to tire rub and accelerated wear and tear on your tires.

3. Immediately Clean Any Salt Buildup

Primarily an issue during the winter, it is important that you do not ignore any salt buildup. Salt can cause a lot of damage to your BMW if left unattended. If you notice any buildup it is important to wash it away as fast and as thoroughly as possible.

4. Routinely Check Your Timing Belt

While not every car has a timing belt made of rubber it is a part that is crucial to your vehicle’s health. Oftentimes there is no warning that your timing belt will fail and if it happens to break while you are driving it can cause extensive damages to multiple areas under the hood. Every manufacturer has different recommended service intervals for changing the timing belt but it falls between 60-100,000 miles. Refer to the guide for your BMW to determine if it is a metal timing chain or rubber timing belt and the recommended mileage you should have yours changed.

5. Internal Components Inspections

Often overlooked are internal systems like the air conditioning or car computers but they have just as much an impact on your safety and comfort as everything else. Usually by the time you notice an issue with the A/C or the heater, it is too late and you are left to endure the elements. By routinely having your A/C system checked you will ensure that it is in proper working condition whenever you may need it. As for systems like the GPS or backup camera, it is important to keep them well maintained so that your car is as safe as it can be for you and for other drivers.

Keeping Your BMW Properly Serviced Year-Round

The BMW specialists at Bay Diagnostic have been providing Brooklyn drivers with quality service for years. Whether you need a routine mileage inspection or you are noticing issues with your handling or acceleration, our mechanics are here to help get the problem solved. We believe in high quality work done right and at a more affordable price than the competition. Our approach and emphasis on customer service has made us Brooklyn’s top BMW service and maintenance center which is something we do not take for granted. If your BMW is in need of maintenance or you would like to schedule a diagnostic appointment with one of our mechanics please call Bay Diagnostic today.

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