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Two of the most well respected and finely crafted vehicles; BMW and MINI carry with them some of the best reputations of reliability and performance that you can purchase these days. When you do decide to purchase one of these vehicles, you’re making a commitment to superior performance and to preserve that performance to the highest standard possible. In order to keep your vehicle well maintained, you need to make sure you don’t just take it to any mechanic; you want to make sure that you have your vehicle looked at and tended to by trained specialists.

You can go for shops approved by manufacturing factories

You often hear when you purchase one of these vehicles that the best maintenance is usually obtained by going directly to the dealer. The idea being that dealership mechanics have a deeper understanding and experience working on those vehicles and can perform the proper maintenance needed. However, there are some shops that you can turn to if you’re looking for a more personal touch at a lower cost that still come approved by the factories that manufacture these vehicles.

Why you should visit Bay Diagnostic?

In the Brooklyn, NY area there are no better-equipped Mini Cooper and BMW specialists to service your vehicle than the professionals at Bay Diagnostic. Our specialists understand the design and machinery that went into each vehicle made by BMW and MINI. Our specialized repair shop will accept just about every extended warranty insurance policy and in addition to those, offers 12-month or 12,000-mile warranties on almost all of the repairs that we provide.

What make our professionals stand out?

Our professionals know the differences in each model of BMW and the specific maintenance plans that come with each model, making sure that your vehicle gets the specific care and attention it needs. Whether it’s preventative maintenance, a routine check up and inspection or something more serious, our BMW experts will have your vehicle looking and handling as good as new with work performed to the same quality you’d find going to the dealer.

At the same time our MINI specialists know exactly what drivers expect when they slip behind the wheel in terms of handling and response times. Our mechanics will make sure that your alignment is spot on and that your handling stays as responsive and tight as it should be. Drivers know that getting a MINI means getting a vehicle that’s just plain fun to drive and puts more emphasis on having a fun driving experience while also redefining comfort and style in unique ways that only MINI is capable of.

We have latest diagnostic tools and equipment

With your vehicle’s specific needs in mind, our specialists will use only the most current and state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment that you’d find at the dealership to ensure that you’re car is maintained to the exact specifications they were built with.

Services offered by us

We offer extensive services to make sure that no matter what issues are troubling your BMW or MINI, they can be repaired promptly by trained and experienced professionals that understand the intricacies that make each model unique. Our services offered include; routine factory maintenance services, coolant system work, suspension services, engine repair, transmission repairs and routine services, brake inspections and repair work, AC climate control repairs and services and more depending on the issue effecting your vehicle.

certified BMW or MINI specialist will be there to help you through the entire process, offering a more personalized experience for you than you would get at a dealership but with the knowledge and experience that you depend on to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

For any vehicular work, you can trust us

If your BMW or MINI is in need of routine scheduled maintenance or you are experiencing a more significant issue, don’t leave your vehicle with just any mechanic in town. Instead, trust the BMW and MINI certified specialists at Bay Diagnostic. With years of experiencing maintaining and servicing luxury vehicles, our experts are confident that not only will we provide you with the same high quality work you’d expect from a dealership but also we will do it with a bit more personal touch than you’d receive from a dealer.

Please visit us on the web at or call us today at 718-615-0705 to schedule routine maintenance or work for your BMW or MINI with our specialists.

Jordan Weine
Owner – Bay Diagnostic
Serving Brooklyn Since 1985

For over 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been a Brooklyn staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Brooklyn that specializes in scheduled service, preventive maintenance and concierge service. At Bay Diagnostic, you will come to expect what the automotive repair experience should be, fast, easy and reliable. A one stop shop for your vehicle needs.

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