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Ongoing vehicle maintenance can be costly and time consuming; however, if vehicles go unmaintained, then repair bills end up heavily outweighing the cost of the regular maintenance and care. All parts of your vehicle need routine upkeep, and it’s important to remain aware of how critical a role preventive procedures play in ensuring the longevity and function of such parts. For instance, one part we might not think to maintain regularly is the battery. Your car’s battery is meant to be replaced every so often; although, by taking good care of your battery you can extend its life significantly and save money in the long run. There are things you can do to regularly maintain your battery; here are some effective tips on how to extend your car battery life:

Be sure that all interior lights are off

Every time you get out of your car, it’s important to check and make sure that nothing electrical is left on. Before you lock the car, it’s best to check all the interior lights and headlights to make sure that the battery isn’t drained while it’s parked. Unfortunately, too many of us have experienced the sad realization upon returning to our cars that the battery has completely drained because we left an overhead light on. Fortunately, many vehicles have safeguards in place to automatically turn off any lights while the car sits.

Frequently check for battery corrosion

Just like other parts of your vehicle that can become damaged over time, the battery is especially susceptible to corrosion from moisture and rust. This can render the battery completely ineffective after a period of time. If you are unsure of how to check your battery for corrosion, it might be best to take it to a professional auto mechanic. They will thoroughly inspect the battery to make sure the connectors and wiring are properly working and the battery is able to hold a charge.

Limit start and stop errands

Batteries work best when they are given enough time to recharge while driving. Battery recharging occurs after a period of time driving because the alternator takes time to provide the battery with more charge and energy. Unfortunately, when we routinely take our cars on short trips all over town, the battery is often not given enough time to adequately recharge, and this can be draining on the overall life and longevity of the part. If your battery is not fully recharging, you may notice difficulty starting your vehicle or overall low power.

Use electronics wisely

Since we spend a lot of time in our cars, we rely heavily on the battery to facilitate enough power for our other electronic devices such as tablets, phones, laptops, etc. It is important to remember that your car battery is not intended to support power for such devices; however, you can utilize the car’s battery to hold a charge on such devices at the appropriate times. You should wait until the car has been driving (this means the battery has charged more) before connecting any electronic devices.

Insulate the battery

Especially during temperature changes (extreme cold or warm weather), our car batteries can significantly deplete in effectiveness. Living in especially cold or warm temperatures can take a serious toll on your car’s battery, so it’s important to take necessary precautions to protect it from extreme weather changes. You can purchase a battery insulation kit and install it yourself, or you can take it to a reliable service center to help you with the installation.

Invest in a battery charger

Another way to protect the life of your battery is to invest in a battery charger. This device simply connects to your battery while it sits for periods of time, or even overnight, allowing it to properly hold a full charge. If there is something wrong with your battery, however, it may need to be replaced—as a charger will likely be ineffective.

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Here at Bay Diagnostic, we specialize in European import automotive care for clients in the areas of BrooklynManhattan, and New York, NY. Our prices are up to 45% lower than nearby dealerships and auto shops, making us one of the most affordable options in the area. We take a preventive approach to automotive work, and that extends to battery care. If you are concerned about the life of your car battery, contact us today to set up a consultation or inspection. It is our mission to restore and improve your vehicle’s performance.

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