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No vehicle better encompasses what it means to be a “luxury car” better than BMW. For years, the latest technology and safety advancements have made each iteration of BMW bigger and better while continually offering drivers the best performance available. Another reason that so many drivers prefer BMW to the competition is the ability of BMW vehicles to hold value for extended periods of time. However it is largely up to how you service your BMW and tend to its maintenance schedule that determines the value your car can hold for years to come. Following BMW’s custom designed service schedule is of course the best way to preserve your car’s performance but these easy tips will also make sure that you maintain your car’s luster for years to come as well.

Keep Your Car Clean Inside And Out

A clean car will not only obviously look better but it can lead to better performance as well. The dirt and debris that accumulates on your car and in it can lead to damage to various components throughout the vehicle that will impact performance. A dirty car may also lead to you unconsciously treating your car more poorly than usual which can lead to depreciation in value.

Protect The Leather

If your BMW has a leather interior then one of the most important measures you can take is to keep it clean and treated. Leather can suffer wear and tear over time as well as cracking and fading from being left out in the sun. Regularly using leather treatments will help keep it looking soft and supple for years while a seat cover may also help avoid cracking or fading.

Waxing Will Help Prevent Rust

Whether you decide to do this on your own or at the car wash it is a great idea to regularly have your car waxed. Waxing your car will keep it looking clean and good as new and will also help prevent rusting on the vehicle. Rust is often the cause for a lot of cars looking older than they may actually be and can hurt the future resale value of your car.

Drive Carefully

While it may be appealing to drive your BMW aggressively and pushing the limits of its’ performance, driving like that does come with a price. Quick acceleration and sudden stops or tight corners will lead to way more wear and tear on your car and at a faster rate. That will ultimately lead to higher repair costs and more frequent trips to the mechanic.

Keep A Log To Track Mileage

This may seem excessive but it’s actually a pretty simple way to make sure everything is working properly. By keeping track of your fuel mileage and how often you fill up with gas you can keep track of the mileage and if it changes or gets worse. Worsening gas mileage is usually an early warning sign that something is wrong so if you observe changes make sure to schedule an appointment with your technician.

Know What Services You Need

It’s important that you know what various services make up the service schedule for your vehicle. You will have to take your BMW in eventually so preventative maintenance is a great way to stay ahead of any issues or problems. The key areas to focus on with preventative maintenance include:

  • Engine– obviously your car’s engine is the most important part of the car. You need to make sure it is always functioning at a high level and that at even the slightest disturbance, you have it checked out before problems have a chance to develop.
  • Brakes– your brakes wear out over time depending on your driving style and should be checked regularly. Whether it’s worn out brake pads or leaks in the system, make sure that the entire brake system is flushed about every 2 years.
  • Cooling system– Along with the engine, you want your cooling system functioning highly to prevent overheating. Constant overheating to the engine can be catastrophic so whether there’s a leak or damage somewhere, be sure to have your cooling system checked regularly.

For All of Your BMW’s Service Needs

For drivers in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas, the expert staff at Bay Diagnostic make BMW maintenance a breeze. Our specialists understand the ins and outs of your BMW and the service schedule that comes specifically designed for your model. Preventative maintenance is the number one way to keep your vehicle’s luster and by following the tips listed above and letting Bay Diagnostic handle all of your service needs, your BMW will remain looking and feeling as good as new for years to come.

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