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BMWs are loved vehicles, and you can easily deck out your vehicle to have it custom to you! Here are some excellent ideas on how to spice up your BMW:

Get Seat Covers

Adding seat covers is an easy and effective way to spruce up your car, especially if you want to preserve your luxurious interior. Seat covers can protect your car’s lining from spills and sun damage. You will thank us later when you don’t have to worry about clean-up.

Customize Your Grill

BMWs are known for their iconic grill—what better way than to accentuate your grill than to add grill stripes. You have the option to get any color you’d like, but the most popular colors to get are classic BMW colors: light blue, dark blue, and red. This is an inexpensive and accessible way to customize your car since you can find some grill stripes on Amazon.

Add a Phone Mount

If you are a savvy person, you will love dressing up your car with tech accessories—such as a phone mount with built-in wireless charging. With a phone mount, you can conveniently see your navigation. It’s also in an accessible location, so you can simply grab your charged phone as soon as you get to your destination. The most desirable benefit of all is that the mount clips right onto your air vents and requires no installation.

Customize Your License Plates

To put a fun spin on your BMW, get custom license plates. You can opt for any combination of letters and numbers of your liking. Additionally, you can also customize the plate background. All you have to do is to register for one in-person or online through the DMV. As long as the authorities approve it in your state, you should be expecting your plate in the mail soon.

All these customizations will definitely earn you some compliments on your BMW. If your vehicle requires repair or maintenance, our technicians at Bay Diagnostics can do the job. We offer exceptional, high-quality services for various models and makes. Give us a call or stop by our shop today.

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