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Bringing a car in to be serviced is something we all experience as vehicle owners. From oil changes, to tire rotations and tune-ups – service and repair are inevitable and important. Ignoring maintenance schedules or that strange sound coming from under the hood after your car’s been running is downright dangerous for any type of vehicle.

Maybe you’re hesitant because you’ve heard horror stories about the large financial expenses others have paid or, you simply don’t have the time in your busy day to spend waiting at a shop. You’re not wrong to worry. Who you choose to trust and pay to get the job done right is an important factor to consider.  Especially with your European vehicle that as you know, requires specialized care.

The debate over choosing a small, independent repair shop over a dealership is an ancient one. The truth is, choosing the right shop to have vehicle services done doesn’t have to be tricky or scary.

Here is a look at why smaller auto repair shops are a better choice over dealerships when it comes to repair and service needs.

Better Cost

Dealerships charge more per hour because of larger overhead costs and expenses that are passed down to you. Why pay for those extras when an independent repair shop can do the work at a more reasonable rate? Studies have shown dealerships charge a greater amount  for the same repairs when compared to independent repair shops. Even when it comes to the cost of parts, remember that dealerships are only going to offer OEM parts, which can be costly even after their ‘dealer’ rates. With a smaller repair shop you’ll have the choice to select alternative options such a rebuilds that work just as good for a fraction of the price.

Better Equipped

Thanks to computers and the Internet, today’s smaller repair shops are not only as equipped to service cars, but they are also just as up-to-date with repair information coming straight from manufacturers.

Add to this the fact that most repair shops have car enthusiasts with years of experience working on specific models of cars, and you’ll be less likely to spend your valuable time trying to figure out a problem. This is especially true if your vehicle is an older model as many dealerships have techs trained only to repair the latest models. Working with an independent shop you may even find less haggling or time spent trying to upsell other services. Finding an honest mechanic shop who is certified, knowledgeable and willing to work with you can make car care a breeze.

Better Care

The best part about using a smaller repair shop versus a large dealership is the level of care and personalization you’ll receive each time your car needs a service. You’ll likely shake hands with the owner, bond over the affection you both share for your car, talk about what’s happening with it and maybe even get a firsthand view of the work as its being done. This is in comparison to just getting your car back washed and with no real explanation of what’s been done.

Since the smaller shops have less technicians and smaller advertising budgets, they are also going to work harder to raise the bar for customer satisfaction levels with each client who walks through their door and you’ll get that personal feeling when you visit these shops because you’re not just a number in the list for the day.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, independent repair shops scored better in terms of satisfaction and quality when compared to dealerships.

Bay Diagnostics provides care for all of your automotive needs, from repairs to preventative maintenance for your BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper and more. We’ve been specializing in the service and repair of European cars for more than 37 years. We work harder, faster and smarter than the rest. If you’re in Brooklyn or the surrounding area, schedule an appointment or speak to one of our experienced technicians today!

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For over 37 years Bay Diagnostic has been a Brooklyn staple helping you get back on the road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Brooklyn that specializes in scheduled service, preventive maintenance and concierge service. At Bay Diagnostic, you will come to expect what the automotive repair experience should be, fast, easy and reliable. A one stop shop for your vehicle needs.

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