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BMW continues to be one of the largest brands in the automotive industry and BMW owners drive them for a reason, performance. BMW’s are meant to be driven. Not only do BMW’s offer superior performance, they also host a number of features and technological advantages. Just like any other vehicle, BMW’s are known to have common problems which is why BMW maintenance and service are essential.

As someone who may be considering owning a BMW, it is worth being aware of all the issues before you buy one.

AC Malfunction – You will notice that the compression switch comes on for a few seconds and then it goes off. The cause here is a failure of the ambient temperature sensor. The solution is to replace the sensor. Unfortunately, the sensor appears to have a short service life for some reason. BMW AC repair is a common problem we know how to fix.

The steering wheel vibrates when brakes are applied – Sure, the car looks sporty, but when you apply the brakes, that vibration can be downright scary. The 3 series suffers from this issue, but it isn’t alone. If not fixed in time, the problem becomes worse. The best solution for is upgrading the rotors.

A leaking power steering pump – It is noticeable each time you steer, with that screeching noise and traces of fluid underneath the vehicle. The first thing to do is to check the pump’s oil reservoir. Usually, the leak is caused by a torn hose. Replacing it is relatively easy and if done in time can save you a bundle in extensive repairs of your BMW.

Sputtering – moving at high speed or quick acceleration can cause spluttering, which is generally a sign of a bad high-pressure pump. The varying amount of fuel being pumped into the engine leads to failure making it difficult to turn over if it isn’t addressed.

Oil leaks – BMW owners frequently complain of oil leaks in need of repair, especially after their car has gone past the 50k miles mark. The culprit in most BMWs is the oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket. A Bay Diagnostic in Brooklyn, we recommend routine BMW oil changes which will allow us to identify any minor leaks before they become major issues.

Failure of the Alternator Bracket Seal – Almost all 4.4liter V8’s with the BMW brand name experience this issue. It is caused by wear often stemming from oil leaks that drop all over the alternator assembly. The only solution is to change the seal.

Electrical issues – European cars generally have various electrical problems, and the BMWs are, unfortunately, victims of the same issues. Constant often chronic faults with the electrical system can cause everything from headlights that don’t turn on to an AC that does not blow cold air.

Stiff Windows – BMW owners may often be faced with windows that refuse to budge. The issue is caused by a bad window regulator or an electrical shot. In many models, the problem is also caused by a clogged base.

Coolant leaks – It is usually caused by a loose or broken radiator cap. Owners will see white smoke when the engine is running or some visible signs of leaks on the outside, usually on the ground.

If you’re looking for BMW repair in Brooklyn, Bay Diagnostic is the place to trust. If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke!

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