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Here is an example of a modern engine issue. Many manufacturer’s today use direct injection to enhance fuel economy and improve engine performance. But there is a dark side to this new technology, fuel no longer washes the intake valves during each cycle, and allows carbon buildup. Once carbon has built up on the valves, you will experience engine hesitation, a loss of power, and if untreated costly engine damage in your BMW 3-4-5-6-7-8 X & M series BMW

The solution to this problem is “blasting” the carbon deposits with an abrasive material to remove them from the intake valves. Our Carbon Blasting process is second to none! We use a very fine grade of walnut shells, and our technicians take the time to remove ALL traces of carbon on the valves, ensuring that your engine will run at optimal levels longer. Many others do not spend the necessary time to clean up all traces of carbon, and the buildup soon returns. If you have a 2005 or newer car, you will eventually have carbon buildup.

The images are from an actual motor that was done in our shop As you can see, ALL traces of carbon have been removed!


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