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A common occurrence with late-model BMW’s is the air bag warning light. More than likely you’ve encountered this problem with your BMW. Often the light will say on then go away after a few minutes of driving, sometimes it will blink and stay on or it will simply stay on from the time you start your vehicle. Either way, any of these issues can be annoying and is a sign that your airbag computer (SRS or Supplemental Restraint System) has had a problem.

Often triggered by minor events which require no maintenance. These incidents have been known to trigger a false positive reading within the computer causing the light to go on.

  • Driving your BMW through large puddles or being exposed to heavy rains
  • Changing steering wheels
  • Replacing bulbs behind the gauge cluster
  • Track or aggressive driving
  • Temporarily disconnecting the SRS (often done during an alarm or stereo installation)
  • Removing the SRS fuse
  • Bad seatbelt sensor or belt receptacle (most common)

You can’t clear the lamp by disconnecting the battery — it will stay on. Most of the time, the airbag error code will be relatively minor, particularly if you know what caused the error.

In Aug 2008 BMW issued a recall because cracks can develop in the cars’ passenger seat detection mat, deactivating the passenger airbag even when an adult is present.

What is the Seat Occupancy Detector?

The seat occupancy detector consists of a seat occupancy mat where pressure sensors are located. The seat occupancy mat has a wired connection to an electronic evaluation unit that allows the computer to understand if a person is sitting in the seat. The seat weight class is measured by the electronic evaluation unit. When the computer identifies a person is seated, the airbag controller is notified that someone is in the seat.

What is Seat Occupancy Detection ll

The seat occupancy detection facility is require in order to inform the airbag system whether the front seat is occupied. Whether is it a person or whether it is a child’s seat mounted on the seat. Based on that information, the airbag controller (MRS) can trigger the airbag or not.

While often not a major issue, when your MRS or SRS light is on, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Quickly we can determine the extent of the issue and keep you and your family safely on the road.

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